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Usually we eat some ingredients by reheating them. The material is reheated, especially in winter. Most of the people have a habit that if any left over utensil is prepared in the afternoon, then it gets heated again. Functionality is a must in every home. However, experts say that doing so is very risky. Actually, it is known that reheating things kept in the fridge is very dangerous for health. Also, heating and eating some other things can be injurious to health.

1. Non veg i.e. chicken, mutton, egg etc. are rich in nutrients.. But reheating these non veg dishes is not advised. Doing so can cause problems with digestion. A high protein diet is high in nitrogen. Reheating it can be harmful and cause other diseases.
2. Do not reheat the rice. Doing so can cause food poisoning. Also.. Bacillus cereus is a highly resistant bacterium that grows in rice and causes food poisoning.
3. Potato contains vitamin B6, potassium and vitamin C. By heating them repeatedly, Clostridium botulinum bacteria grow and destroy nutrients.
4. Mushrooms should not be stored for more than a day after cooking. It is high in protein. Also lots of minerals. But with repeated heating, the protein present in it gets destroyed. As well as producing toxins that are harmful to the digestive system.
5. Vegetables rich in nitrates such as spinach, leafy vegetables, carrots, turnips and beetroot should not be heated. By doing this they turn into nitrates and become nitrogenous. These are harmful to the body tissues. In addition, the risk of cancer also increases.

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