Doctor’s Eye: The use of smartphones is increasing day by day.. The problem of eyesight is increasing in children.. | Doctor. Mahipal Sachdev ophthalmologist says that the problem of eyes is increasing day by day in India due to the use of electronic gadgets.

HealthDoctor's Eye: The use of smartphones is increasing day...

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Doctor’s Eye: With the advent of smart phones, their use among children has increased and with the advent of Corona, online classes have also become common. This has increased the use of electronic gadgets among children. A prominent ophthalmologist who has received the Padma Shri award said that this is causing eye problems in children. Mahipal S. Sachdev expressed concern. Especially the number of children suffering from myopia (myopia) is increasing. To this extent, many studies in China, Korea and Taiwan have revealed startling figures. According to one survey, up to 65 percent of children in those countries have vision problems.

However, if the students have visual impairment..the children are lagging behind in education and sports. It is estimated that 35% of the population of our country has vision problems. However, most people do not realize that they need glasses. So if there are four people who need glasses.. only one of them is wearing glasses. However, eye examination is necessary to rule out eye problems. Only then the problem of eyes will come to the fore.

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Sachdev said that the scheme being implemented by the Telangana government in the name of Kanti Velugu is commendable. Also we are providing at home eye test through their company. Vision on Wheels Rs. 199K will conduct eye check-up at home. He said three centers have already been set up in Hyderabad and one in Vijayawada. Also, in future, they will further expand their organization in the South. Mahipal S. sachdevi

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