Dodgers: Trevor Ball decision may be expensive, but they can afford it

The Dodgers have the ability to reduce Trevor Ball’s losses, and they may do so if he wins an appeal to reduce his massive suspension.

Major League Baseball suspended Trevor Ball for 324 games following an investigation into violations of the league’s domestic violence policy. While Ball is appealing the league’s decision, the Los Angeles Dodgers are clearly tired of the players’ antics.

A moratorium on investigations involving allegations of sexual assault against at least three women. Ball suggested that the moratorium should be overturned entirely because a criminal case involving a woman from San Diego was dismissed. He insists the cases are innocent, saying all actions were consensual.

In addition to the current ban, Ball took 99 paid administrative leave last season following an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse.Jon Heyman New York Post Believe it is possible to reduce the suspension.

The current suspension will continue the Dodgers’ deal with Ball, which means they won’t have to pay him. Without a suspension, Ball has $60 million left in a massive $102 million deal with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have remained silent on the matter, allowing the process and appeals to come into play. Behind the scenes, there appears to be little support for Ball within the organization, according to Heyman.

Heyman noted that the Dodgers are a fan and public relations-conscious organization.

“Key decision makers are clearly as shut down as MLB by the allegations against Ball, who received a record 324-game suspension in his domestic abuse case,” Heyman said. “According to the Dodgers, there is very little support for Ball inside the club. …Even outside the playing field, with world-renowned superstars Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Bates and Freddie Fury Liman, the Dodgers have two iconic sports stars with impeccable reputations, Magic Johnson and Billie Jean King in decision-making roles, and understanding an organization is more than just statistics.”

Those are not names you want to deal with you.

When decision time comes, Dodgers have the ability to sever ties with Trevor Ball

When you consider Ball’s sense of entitlement on the matter, it’s no wonder the Dodgers have ended him. The Dodgers and the entire MLB didn’t want to annoy fans who were disgusted by Ball’s actions.

Ball’s actions show that he doesn’t care about the allegations or how they put him, the Dodgers or the league in the eyes of fans — especially women fans. He just wants to get back into pitching and make a big salary. Ball has not pitched for about 10 months since the ban was imposed and has not received a salary.

A hearing on Ball’s appeal is expected to begin on May 23, The Athletic reported. Once an appeal decision is made, the Dodgers can make a decision on Ball’s future at the club.

Even with fewer suspensions, the attention Ball is attracting is not something a team with a good reputation would want to associate with them. He doesn’t look good. He’s not a good guy for the entire MLB. The Dodgers and MLB should cut Ball’s losses, let the suspension take effect, and go from there, hopefully he can grow from the whole experience.

With a $290 million payroll, the Dodgers have the ability to cut ties with Ball. They shouldn’t be afraid to do it.


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