DOJ wants to move environmental justice efforts from symbolic to real

Mr. As part of Biden’s new push, the EPA will reintroduce a program that allows companies to reduce penalties for certain violations instead of subsidizing programs with a positive environmental impact. The Trump administration canceled the plan.

But the EPA is essentially the agency that makes the regulation and rules. It refers to race but does not have the legal and investigative firepower of the Mr Garlands Department.

The Department of Justice has a strong Civil Rights Division enforcing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which includes Title VI, which prohibits states, territories and universities from discriminating against individuals “on the basis of race, color or national origin”. Prohibits receiving. Federal funding. ,

During the Obama administration, activists began pressuring the Justice Department to use Title VI in environmental matters. But that effort stalled and the Trump administration quickly abandoned the policy.

In November, things changed and, to the surprise of local authorities, Ms Clarke announced that she would launch a Title VI inquiry into the conduct of the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Lonely County Health Department.

Over the years, Republican-controlled state governments have done nothing alone to address the problem. But local residents have also complained about the actions of local black authorities who fail to address sanitation and water management systems that lead to sewage backup on the streets in cities like Hanville.

MacArthur’s partner Catherine Coleman Flowers, whose 2020 book “West” focuses on the crisis in Alabama, praised the office building. But she said Mr Garland’s willingness to take a political blow was the final test, adding that he would suffer if he took a tough stance on government, especially in conservative-leaning states.

“It should happen like any other trial in the Department of Environmental Justice,” said Flowers, who was interviewed by investigators, as in corruption cases. “They can correct things, but they should be punished when people do wrong. There should be no real punishment or fear of consequences.

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