Dollar Today: Free Bidding continues at $201 and “Cash with Settlement” is $217. reaches to

U.S.A.Dollar Today: Free Bidding continues at $201 and "Cash...

Exchange rate pressure renews

NS free dollars Given This Tuesday without change, 201 pesos For sale, a day where the upward trend is transferred to the dollars traded in the stock market.

Dollar Wholesaler Displays sales status in $100,61 per unit, up about four cents from Tuesday’s close. In 2021, the official dollar increased by 19.6 percent.

Thus difference remains on the “blue” between the official exchange rate and the dollar 99.8 percent,

a high deficit tax that would demand an increase of money in circulation, inflation inertia About 3% per month and 50% per year, fixed together Dollar tight in reserves, renew pressures on the exchange rate.

NS Dollar trading through stock market assets maintains a record low, a trend that widened the exchange rate gap to more than 100%, “after that” BCRA Decision to implement a new strategy to a little or no intervention in surgery With the ultimate objective of preserving the reserves, according to the experts of research for traders,

Dollar in this context “Counted With Settlement” Last week it rose 16%, or about 30 pesos. It operates on Wednesdays 217 pesos, Meanwhile, the MEP dollar (or stock exchange) agrees at 206 pesos.

Similarly, the prices of Argentine shares listed simultaneously on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and Wall Street reach the dollar implied. 219 pesos,

The fiscal dollar rose early in the week, in a pattern in which Dollar strengthens globally After the confirmation of a new mandate by Jerome Powell on the head of the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

Today‘s BCRA has only USD 800 million liquidity to intervene Keep further devaluation in the wholesale market. If one takes into account that central deposits are very rare currencies Negative net balance of USD 756 million so far in November To meet a strong demand, especially from importers, for its intervention in the wholesale market.

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NS of booking Central bank international markets lost around USD 334 million last week and finally 42,273 million of dollars.

On the other hand, BCRA reported that the position of net sales dollar futures contract It stood at US$3,615 million in October, compared to US$1,770 million in September, which was approximately US$1,845 million higher than the increase of $1,323 million in the open interest between ROFEX and MAE in the same period.

“In this way, the increase in October Open interest underestimated the growth of the center’s sold position,, analysts of research for traders,

As of Friday, the open interest between ROFEX and MAE was approximately $8,076 million, an increase of $2,919 million compared to the end of October. “In other words, the more BCRA will be sold for USD 6,534 million, the higher the short position of the unit,” he assessed from Research for Traders.

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