Donated Ukrainian refugee “Zelensky signed baseball” 50,000 auction

A baseball signed by Zelensky sold at auction for more than $50,000, with some proceeds going to Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion.Associated Press

After the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian WarUkrainePresidentzelensky(Volodymyr Zelensky) showed international acclaim for his determination and tenacity, and now a baseball signed by ZelenskyauctionIt sold for over $50,000 at the meeting, with a portion of the proceeds going to Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion.

The Guardian reported that Boston auctioneer “RR Auctions” said the baseball’s final bid price was three times its estimate. The company will donate $15,000 of the sale proceeds, and the seller is a well-known American baseball collector’s card. Randy Kaplan, who donates an undisclosed portion of the proceeds to the global non-profit American.

Kaplan is a well-known baseball collector, but he rarely auctions off his collection. As for the winning bidder, he wishes to remain anonymous, but “RR Auctions” said “he is happy to use part of the funds for rescue work in Ukraine.”

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