Don’t panic! MGPA Allows Saturday Ticket Holders to Enter on Sunday to Watch Race 1 WSBK

SportsDon't panic! MGPA Allows Saturday Ticket Holders to...

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MANDALIKA – The Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) makes good news for lovers of the 2021 World Superbike (WSBK) Indonesia at the Mandalika Circuit. The reason is, the subsidiary which is engaged in managing the MotoGP race under the auspices of ITDC allows the audience to watch the first race on Sunday (11/21/2021).

Race 1 WSBK Indonesia 2021 was delayed due to heavy rain that flushed the track before the race took place. So heavy, racing controllers decided to postpone the race time.

WSBK chose to postpone Race 1. The decision was also taken after discussing with the drivers, and they felt that racing in the rain was very dangerous.

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Of course, this disappointed the audience. Understandably, most of them deliberately came to the Mandalika Circuit, Saturday (20/11/2021), because they wanted to watch the race at an affordable price.

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To overcome this, the MGPA also announced that tickets for Saturday (20/11/2021), can be reused on Sunday (21/11/2021). On the condition that the ticket is still not discarded.

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That way, it is hoped that the audience will not be disappointed and can witness the action of world-class racers at the Mandalika Circuit again. Understandably, this is a rare experience.

Race 1 will be held on Sunday, at 11:00 WITA / 10:00 WIB. That means race 1 will replace the SuperPole race slot. Meanwhile, SuperPole racing has officially been cancelled.

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