Dragon Mekes Masters the Borneo Derby

SportsDragon Mekes Masters the Borneo Derby

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BALIKPAPAN – Mitra Kukar emerges as the ruler of the Borneo derby after defeating Central Kalimantan with a score of 1-0. Sugiyanto Baitul Rohman scored the winning goal in the second half.

Compete at the Batakan Stadium, Balikpapan, Thursday (25/11/2021) night, Mitra Kukar immediately appear pressing since the beginning of the game. In the fifth minute the Naga Mekes squad got the first opportunity through Dennish Diaz Himawan’s kick. Unfortunately, this effort was thwarted by the Central Kalimantan goalkeeper Putra.

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Mitra Kukar continued to carry out attacks after attacks, in the 16th minute Muhammad Ansori’s shot was saved by the Central Kalimantan goalkeeper, namely Ahmad Fauzi. Meanwhile, Central Kalimantan Puta’s opportunity through Nur Akbar Jawara Munir in the 18th minute still failed to make Laskar Isen Mulang superior.

Central Kalimantan Putra had another chance in the 24th minute through Nur Akbar Jawara Munir, but his shot was saved by defender Mitra Kukar. Another opportunity was obtained by Central Kalimantan Putra in the 28th minute through Aidil Usman Diarra, but his shot was still wide on the left side of Mitra Kukar’s goal.

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Meanwhile, ahead of the end of the first round match, Central Kalimantan Putra got a chance in the 40th minute through Sugiyanto Baitul Rohman. However, his shot could still be driven away by goalkeeper Mitra Kukar, until the end of the first half after the score was still a goalless draw.

The second half had just begun, Mitra Kukar immediately got a chance in the 49th minute through Pandi Ahmad Lestaluhu, but his shot still did not aim at the Kalteng Putra goal. Meanwhile, Kalteng Putra got the first chance in the 51st minute through Giofani but his shot was still blocked by goalkeeper Mitra Kukar.

The long-awaited goal finally arrived, Sugiyanto Baitul Rohman (69′) managed to break the deadlock for Mitra Kukar. The score also changed Naga Mekes managed to lead 1-0 over Kalteng Putra.

One goal advantage made Mitra Kukar increase his attack. The result in the 72nd minute through Rendy Siregar got a chance. However, his kick was still too high from the goal of Central Kalimantan Putra.

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