Due to economic difficulties, Tour Colombia 2.1 will not be held in 2022

U.S.A.Due to economic difficulties, Tour Colombia 2.1 will not...

Representative image of Tour Colombia 2.1, the version of which will be held until 2023

National career with the largest launch in the ranks of International Cycling Union Will be postponed until 2023, according to the report of Hector Urego, dean of Colombian sports journalism and cycling expert, and his web publication Cycling World,

Urrego He communicated the following in what is already sad news for fans of the sport, one of the ones that brought the most joy to the nation:

Fedecilismo and the government have decided to postpone #TourColombia until 2023. Economic reasons, the pandemic and the rising number of new cases in Europe dictated the decision.

It must be remembered that the announcement of the journalist is associated with? 2022 Edition, with which there will be two years without sporting competition due to the coronavirus pandemic, which, despite vaccinations, is not giving way to the world.

According to FM radioradial chain RCN, would have been decided jointly between the organizers and the national government The economic situation faced by the organization throughout 2021, which prevents it from bringing weighty names to the competition,

The foregoing, along with a rebound in cases in some European countries, forced the parties to expand Tour Colombia 2.1 By 2023, which according to WHO estimates, This will be the first post-pandemic year for the world,

At the time it was believed that thanks to the implementation of biosafety protocols, it would be possible to enable the arrival of cyclists from other latitudes, as well as the presence of followers and sports fans in the delineation of national roads.

on a platform of Reduction in the cases of infection with coronavirus, a return to normalcy of sporting events in the country will be possible by 2022. Given the possible arrival of names such as Julian Alaphilippe, Bob Jungels or Chris Froome, as well as locals Egan Bernal, Rigoberto Uran, Nairo Quintana, The possibility of holding a first-class tournament apart from the Vuelta a Colombia, which will take place from 3 to 12 June, and the Vuelta a Colombia Femenina, which is scheduled from 9 to 14 August 2022, is a secret.

Zipaquiro.  February 15, 2020.  Juan Sebastian Molano (UAE Team Emirates) won Stage 5 of the Tour Colombia 2.1 (Colprensa - Luis Barbosa).
Zipaquiro. February 15, 2020. Juan Sebastian Molano (UAE Team Emirates) won Stage 5 of the Tour Colombia 2.1 (Colprensa – Luis Barbosa).

Although a tentative route was maintained for the 2021 edition, designed for the Caribbean region, There was no confirmation of what the official route would be for this year. This uncertainty left a bad taste among fans, who, without expressing through the media, demanded an immediate response from the organisers.,

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In 2018 the Valle del Caca and EJ Cafetero routes stood out, while in 2019 it was moved to Antioquia and in 2020 the dispute was in Boyacá, Cundinamarca and Bogota. According to the sportscaster and presenter, Tito Pusetti, the initiative considered dropping the central region of Colombia for the 2021 and 2022 editions, but currently without knowing what they would be Established route for Tour Colombia 2.1.

The idea of ​​this competition is to select a specific area for each edition and to make the race more attractive., publicizing different parts of the country, as well as contestants promising or reveling in the national territory, as they were at the time Egan Bernal (2018), Miguel Angel Superman lopez (2019) and Sergio Andres Higuita (2020), champions in their respective editions.

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