Ecuadorian boxer Carlos Mina released after two years in prison in the United States

U.S.A.Ecuadorian boxer Carlos Mina released after two years in...

Carlos Mina at a photo shoot in 2018

Carlos Andres Mina Caicedo, 29 year old Ecuadorian boxer, Was released from prison in the United States of America this ThursdayAfter spending more than two years in prison. Ecuador’s sports ministry said in a statement that the athlete was kept in custody until October 26, 2021 and is expected to return in the next few days.

Mina was accused of refusing to sign an exclusive contract with two boxing fight promoters in Las Vegas in September 2019. His family says he was immediately arrested on five charges, including sexually assaulting two women who aspired to be his promoters. This happened in 2017, the year the boxer trained in the United States.

However, the athlete was detained for 850 days for failing to comply with an order issued by a judge to appear in court for alleged sexual assault. According to his family, Mina met her accuser while attending a training event for former champion Floyd Mayweather. There he agreed to live with his mother, but after a few days he decided to end this romantic relationship. AndThe boxer reportedly refused to sign an exclusive contract to be represented by two women and decided to return home. At this point, the accusations of the Ecuadorian boxer began.

At the time of your arrest, Mina was considered the best Ecuadorian fighter by the Olympic diploma at the Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and the bronze she received at the World Championships in Hamburg in 2017. Mina planned to attend the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima and focused on qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but surprisingly it was not a competition. From then on his family did not know his whereabouts until they learned that he had been detained in the United States. US justice would have imposed $500,000 in bail, but Mina didn’t have that money, so she had to remain locked up.

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The athlete traveled to Las Vegas to test an advertiser who helped him prepare in the United States a month before the Pan American game, but things changed there., Those who offered to promote him wanted him to sign an order to hold a fight there, but he declined, said the athlete’s mother, Maria Mina, who thinks that The allegations are tantamount to revenge.

The Ecuadorian may have committed the crimes he is charged with in the United States in 2017 and not during preparation for the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima while the athlete was in Mayweather’s camp.

About 900 days later, a statement from Sports Ministry, Dated November 18, 2021 indicated that Meena will reach the country this Friday, November 19 After his release from the Nevada County Jail on October 26. Initially, it is expected to reach the country on November 19. Upon arrival, Mina will resume her training, as stated by the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee.

Meena started boxing at the age of 8. in an interview with Universe assured that “Gully taught me to fight at the age of 8Born in Guayaquil, he lived in the port city until he was 6 years old, then moved to Quito where he competed for the Andean province of Pichincha. His mother, María Rosa Mina Casado, originally from San Lorenzo, helped him to survive. Carlos is the fourth of nine children. He won gold medals at the Bolivarian Games in Trujillo in 2013 and fought for the Guerreros de México team in the World Series.

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