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Elden Ring data miner reveals the game may have a ranking system at some stage in development

A recent Elden Ring data mining revealed a lot about the game’s development process and a lot of what FromSoftware chose to leave out in the final version of the RPG.

Recent data-mined information shows that the title may have had a ranking system at some point in its development phase. The system seems a lot like Covenant in Dark Souls, where players are assigned ranks based on their performance.

#ELDENRING Data mining fun fact: There are several unused text popups related to various online interactions (intrusion, cooperation, etc.). Maybe there is some sort of ranking system in the works?

Soulsborne data miner Stray Kurtis recently shared screenshots of some of the data mined content they found in the Elden Ring files. It displays a series of messages that were once set to display when the intruder was defeated. The message is as follows:

  • Bloody Fingers Level Up
  • Hunter level advanced
  • Recusant Level Advanced
  • Duelist Advanced
  • Curly Fingers Level Advanced

It’s likely that these messages were once introduced as a kind of faction system in the game, however, the developers removed them from the final version of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring could have a faction system like Dark Souls


Dark Souls has player factions built into the game, called the Covenant. It allows players to invest in many of the PvP and PvE features the game has to offer.

Covenant of Dark Souls focuses on invading players, while Darkmoon focuses on helping players who are invaded. Each Covenant has a ranking reward, and the higher the ranking, the more players, the better the title reward.

Also, at some point in the game’s development, FromSoftware seems to have considered introducing a contract system in the RPG.

Many in the community believe that the appearance of the word “hunter” in the data mining documents may refer to the blue-and-white cryptographic ring that allows players to help the invaded, as was the case with NPC Yura.

The Duelist, on the other hand, might stick to the Duelist’s Curly Fingers for voluntary PvP.


In the official version of Elden Ring, the Defiled can indeed get a lot of PvP-related items from the Recusants of Volcano Manor and the Bloody Fingers of the Moghwyn Dynasty.

So while there are currently no factions in the game, many believe FromSoftware may introduce it in a future update or DLC. However, if they do ship it in, they might remove some of Dark Souls’ faction restrictions, as was the case with Gravelord Servants, the Covenant becomes inaccessible once the player defeats Nito in-game.

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