Election participation in Chile did not reach 50 percent of the voter list

U.S.A.Election participation in Chile did not reach 50 percent...

Polling station in Santiago, Chile (Reuters)

53% of about 15 million people Call to vote this Sunday in Chile’s presidential election refrained from exercising his right to vote, 99.9% voter turnout was checked this Monday according to the percentage of participation extracted from the country’s electoral service.

Specific, 7,115,590 attended to submit their ballot To elect the successor of the current President, Sebastian Pinera, which represents 47.6% of the register, Down from 50.9% obtained in referendum on constituent process Held in October 2020 and is slightly higher than the 46.7% of the first round of the previous presidential elections in 2017.

The low participation in Chile has become chronic since the implementation of voluntary suffrage And since then only last year’s referendum had more than 50% participation.

Last June, holding the first regional elections in the country’s history, only 19.6% participation was recorded, the minimum since Chile returned to democracy in 1990.

Chile in the presidential election to be held this Sunday focused his votes on the far-right Jose Antonio Cast and the left-wing Gabriel Boric Above the other five applicants who appeared on the ballots but none of them received more than 50% of the preference, they will next contest for the first magistrate in the second round scheduled for December 19.

cast y boriche
cast y boriche

With investigation practically done, Kast, a 55-year-old former deputy and lawyer who has on several occasions defended the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973–1990), achieved. 27.94% votes, While Borik, 35, a deputy and champion of the Communist Party-backed leftist formation, cut 25.69%.

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A Ambos Les Un Ser Representatives of political forces established a few years ago and to take disillusioned vote Their government programs are completely different in their political, economic and social nature, but with the current institutional framework.

In addition to the presidential elections, this Sunday Chile elected 27 new senators to a renewal of an upper house that by 2022 will have 50 seats; and a total of 155 deputies, reconfiguring the correlation of forces within the National Congress.

With preliminary results, everything indicates that no circle will have a clear majority and both right-wing and left-wing groups will be forced to express support.

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