Elections in Chile: Long lines and long delays in main urban centers

U.S.A.Elections in Chile: Long lines and long delays in...

People collectively attend to vote during the presidential and parliamentary elections on November 21, 2021 in Santiago, Chile. Reuters / Rodrigo Garrido

The suffrage is nearing a two-year period in which the country experienced a social outbreak, began drafting a new constitution and tackled the COVID-19 pandemic while shaping a panorama, in which the most extreme proposals are those that are better. Looks posted.

despite some setbacksTables started working from the first hour, although some places had long lines due to the number of attendees and sanitary restrictions that limit capacity.

“We have reports that there has been a good turnout so far. Obviously it will be a little hot in the afternoon, we know there are more lines in some places, there are people who have to wait a while to set up some tables”, said Jaime Bellolio, Minister of the General Secretariat of Government (Segegob ).

Nurse technician Carmen Gloria Carrillo, wearing a hat and sunglasses to ward off bad sun at an event venue in the city of Santiago, said she hoped young people would come to vote. “If we want to change things, I think it’s important that we all vote,” said Carrillo, 46.

Previous elections had predicted clear victories in the first round of the most radical left embodied by Gabriel Boric and the extreme right led by Jose Antonio Cast—both with more than 20% of the preferences—who would vote on 19 December.

If the scenario is confirmed, Chile will issue an obituary – at least temporarily – to the two political parties that have controlled their destinies since the return of democracy in 1990: Yasna Provoste, represented by The centre-left legacy of the Concertesian and the current right-wing ruling party. Flagged by Sebastian Sichel.

Gabriel Boric and Jose Antonio Custo
Gabriel Boric and Jose Antonio Custo

President Sebastian Pinera was one of the first people to vote in a wealthy neighborhood east of the capital and called on citizens to vote, ensuring that necessary health measures are in place amid the pandemic. After casting his vote, the President said, “Those who have been elected and who are to assume office on March 11, should never forget that they have been elected to serve the people.”

The first vote counted overseas – with little weight on the national total – resulted in Boric’s victory over the other candidates. Suffrage overseas generally favors more left-wing tendencies.

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“The results we have achieved so far are very positive, but of course they should be taken with humility. I do not believe in myself and I call on people to participate,” Boric told CNN Chile channel Told during a tour of his native Punta Arenas in the extreme south of the country.

Boric, a 35-year-old former student leader, has been pointed to by many as the main candidate for La Moneda, bringing together approved Dignity support from the centre-left to the Communist Party, including a Has more transversal votes. Disapprovals may be added against the cast if they are measured in the ballot.

Existence – according to surveys – of 25% undecided means analysts haven’t ruled out a potential return that leads to Sichel or Provost till the second round.

Urban centers register delay in payment
Urban centers register delay in payment

In New Zealand, second place was won by virtual candidate Franco Parsi, an arbitral economist based in the United States who did not set foot in Chile during the entire process and who appears in some polls as the third force.

For his part, Kast said the main thing is that people can participate in voting and speak freely. “Today we have to defend our opinion, we have said whatever we have to say and the outcome of the election will not change,” he said. after voting.

MPs – 155 members of the Chamber of Deputies and 27 of whom 50 will be senators – and regional councilors will also be elected during the day, forming a political board for the next few years, pending the results of the work of the Constitutional Convention.

Voting closes at 6:00 PM local time (2100 GMT) and results begin to be added quickly in an automated system.

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