Elections in Venezuela: the deadline for publishing the results has passed, but the dictatorship has not yet reported who won in Barinas

U.S.A.Elections in Venezuela: the deadline for publishing the results...

A woman exercises her right to vote in an electoral college on November 21, 2021 in Caracas, Venezuela. EFE / Miguel Gutierrez

Venezuela’s civil union Súmate reported this Thursday that the legal deadline for regional and municipal boards to publish the final results of regional and local elections in Barinas state expired yesterday., the homeland of the late President Hugo Chavez, disputed by the ruling party and the opposition by a narrow margin of votes.

On the expiry of the time limit prescribed in the procedure program established by the governing body of the election, Now it is up to the National Election Board to assume the role and convey the final resultAccording to the NGO.

“aIn accordance with Article 365 of the Organic Law of Electoral Procedures (LOPR), the Yare abolished the period of regional and municipal boards to publish ‘final results bulletins’ of the elections of the governor of Barinas and several mayors., According to Article 367 of the Regulation of Law, the National Election Board must assume this function today”, Somet indicated in his Twitter account.

Article 365 of Lopre stipulates that once the voting is over, the Board of Elections shall have a period of 48 hours to complete the overall process and issue a final bulletin. The National Election Board may extend this period for a further 24 hours due to technical reasons or the existence of a number of missing acts that “could affect the final result.”

Freddy Superlano, opposition candidate for Barinas
Freddy Superlano, opposition candidate for Barinas

what’s more, Article 367 of the Regulations indicates that the National Election Board may make a total, decide and announce, when the term expires, if there is a danger in the totalization process or it is impossible to do so or when the automatic voting system is not used. Is.,

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, presented the first bulletin on Sunday night, in which he said Chavista and Barinas’s gubernatorial candidate, Argenis Chávez,—Hugo Chávez’s brother—had an advantage over the candidate. The Democratic Unity Table (MUD), Freddy Superlano, got only 673 votes, with a count of 90.2%.

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However, the next day, when offering the second bulletin, Calzadilla did not mention Barinas and to this day it has not been declared which of the two is the governor-elect in the state.

Other results of the elections have already been uploaded to the CNE website, except for the office of the governor of Chávez’s home state and the municipality of Arismendi, from the same area.

Superlano has said on various occasions in recent days that voting records “show” that he is the winner of that gubernatorial office, and called on CNE to disclose the final results.

Venezuela's rival Julio Borges in a file photograph.  EFE / Mauricio Dueas Castaneda
Venezuela’s rival Julio Borges in a file photograph. EFE / Mauricio Dueas Castaneda

in that case, Superlano will be the first rival to rule Barinas in the last 22 years,

On the other hand, Venezuelan rival Julio Borges demanded this Thursday from CNE that the results of Sunday’s election in Barinas be published.

,The people of Barinas demand that last Sunday’s election results be published and respected“, wrote on Twitter, Borges, appointed by Guaidó Commissioner for Foreign Relations.

In addition, he asked Be alert to this situation, as the Electoral Oversight Mission of the European Union (EOM-EU), he assured, may “pretend” to “eliminate fraud”.,

,The world and the EU’s mission must be vigilant in the face of the regime’s claim of fraud against citizens“, he warned.

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