Home World News Elementary school students lost their winter vacation homework in Paris and searched for “Classmate Kin Lang” on the Internet to welcome the finale?

Elementary school students lost their winter vacation homework in Paris and searched for “Classmate Kin Lang” on the Internet to welcome the finale?

Elementary school students lost their winter vacation homework in Paris and searched for “Classmate Kin Lang” on the Internet to welcome the finale?

“Qin Lang’s winter vacation homework skipping incident” has been widely discussed on the Internet recently, and has even appeared on the Internet.weiboIt topped the list of hot searches, which started people searching on the internet; Some media raised questions about whether the incident was staged and faked to gain traffic, and the central media directly commented that the spread of “new yellow news” is dangerous. However, an Internet celebrity with 40 million fans who claims to be taking homework in Paris revealed that he has contacted Qin Lang’s mother, but the mother is unwilling to appear on camera and the matter “has not been resolved successfully.” Has gone.”

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The Paper reported that the Internet celebrity “@Thurman Cat Cup” posted a video on the 16th, saying that in a hotel in Paris, the waiter handed her two first-grade winter holiday homework books left in the toilet Were. The homework was brought back to China and returned to its original owner.

According to the video posted by the above-mentioned Internet celebrity, this winter holiday’s homework has not been touched. The cover page contains information about the school where the “owner” Kin Lang, class 1 (8), studies. The internet celebrity spent the entire night completing his homework and arrived at the airport claiming that he wanted to return the homework to its original owner.

According to reports, in the comment area of ​​this video, a netizen with an IP address from Jiangsu claimed to be Qin Lang’s uncle and said that Qin Lang attended West District Primary School. This comment received more than 220,000 likes.But then the man who claimed to be Qin Lang’s uncleTIC TocAccount has been banned.

The staff of Xichang Primary School in Haiyan, Jiangsu Province also responded that there is no student named Qun Lang and there are only four classes in the first grade. Therefore, the video aroused suspicion among netizens, and some people suspected that it was just a staged filming.

Xiaoxiang Morning News published a comment on the 20th and wrote, “There are many different opinions on the Rashomon incident. Behind this farce is a massive “above traffic” unhealthy trend. The central media also issued comments, including The incident of losing winter vacation homework in Paris by Qin Lang was called the “new yellow news”. On the short video platform, some “news” that are superficial but provocative and attention-grabbing are called the “new yellow news” Is.

The paper quoted public interest lawyer Zhao Liangshan as saying that online anchors perform live, stage and stage skits for one purpose, which is to attract traffic and fans. The Internet is not a place outside the law. In order to gain popularity, earn traffic, and break the legal bottom line, Article 25 of the “Public Security Administration Penal Law” states: A person shall be detained for at least 5 days. days but not more than 10 days, and may also be fined not more than 500 yuan (RMB, below) and not more than 500 yuan; If the circumstances are relatively minor, he shall not be detained for more than 5 days or fined not more than 500 yuan.

Bloggers posted videos of Qin Lang’s homework, which attracted attention, and even “Uncle Qin Lang” recognized him as a relative. (Taken from The Paper)

On February 19, video blogger “@Thurman Cat Cup” once again posted a video saying that he never said that Qin Lang was a student of Zichang Elementary School. The winter break homework stated which elementary school he went to, but due to privacy concerns, he did not mention it. In the video it was announced that Qin Lang’s mother had been contacted and that the incident had been “successfully concluded.”

The incident also attracted the attention of the police. On the 20th, Ping An Beijing, the official Weibo account of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said, “When it comes to getting students’ lost homework back, we are professionals”; Invoking “Who else will come forward in the future?”partnerI feel relieved when I pick up the homework accidentally lost by my classmates and hand it over to Police Uncle. ,

“Thurman Cat Cup” said that it had contacted Qin Lang’s mother. (video screenshot)



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