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“Elf Goddess” has been secretly married for 2 years, and IG suddenly released fairy wedding photos

“The Gambit” actress Anya Taylor-Joy has won the hearts of many viewers with her fairy-like nature. She has been getting a lot of roles in recent years, and this year she starred in “Dune: Part 2” and “Furiosa”. Waiting for the blockbuster, they were rumored to have a secret marriage 2 years ago, but they never Didn’t respond to the matter. Now they finally released their wedding photos on IG to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Anya is dating famous musician Malcolm McCray since 2021. They often attend public events together and share photos from their personal lives. Yesterday, he finally posted a series of wedding photos on IG and wrote: “On April Fool’s day 2 years ago today, I married my best friend in New Orleans. The magic of that day continues and is still Spreading through every cell of my body. Happy second anniversary, my love… you are the best.”

In these pictures, Anya had her long blonde hair tied up and wore a beautiful wedding dress. She was looking beautiful. The wedding cake for both of them turned out to be “hearts”, and the appearance was quite realistic. She also laughed and said: “I’m vampire lace. “Special.” Paying homage to the couple’s favorite novel, “The Vampire Chronicles.”

After releasing her wedding photos, Anya will join the promotion of “Furiosa: The Legend of Mad Max”, which is a spin-off of the “Mad Max: Fury Road” series, and also has the lead role of “Furiosa” . In the movie. Osha’s teenage years. It is reported that the film’s script is so good that even the original “Furiosa” Sally Theron wanted to use de-aging special effects for the performance. However, director George Miller ultimately hoped that there would not be too many special effects, so that the actor’s performance could be more vivid, so I chose Anya for the performance.

Anya Taylor-Joy (second from left) shows off photos of her happy marriage with husband Malcolm McCray (second from right), which are lovely. Image/Quote from IG



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