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Ella Zhao’s sister Anji Zhao died suddenly in a car accident at the age of 50

AheadLabour DepartmentAngela Chao, Minister Chao’s sister and chairwoman and CEO of Foremost Group, the family company founded by their father Zhao Zicheng, died in a car accident at the age of 50. The Zhao family released an obituary on the 12th, mourning his untimely death. The family members are extremely sad.

Zhao Anji took over the leadership of his father Zhao Zicheng and became the leader of Foremost Group in 2018. Zhao Zicheng said that his daughter’s sudden death at a young age was “something we never imagined, and our entire family was devastated.” Zhao Zicheng said that Anji Zhao is the youngest of his six daughters. He has been interested in shipping since childhood. He recalled that in the days when he “took his daughter to work”, Anji Zhao was an excellent person. Curiosity and thirst for knowledge. partner.

He mentioned that his daughter has an eccentric personality and a strong thirst for knowledge since childhood, which makes her popular among everyone and helps her achieve excellence in everything she does. As a loving daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife and friend, Anji Zhao has always been filial, thoughtful, kind, dedicated, charitable and always full of funny words, bringing endless laughter and joy to those around her. Brings happiness. Anji Zhao also firmly believes that the real wealth in life is family, friends, and helping others.

Zhao Zicheng also made his youngest daughter achieve excellent results in just three years.Harvard UniversityProud to have earned a BA in Economics. In addition, while attending graduate school at Harvard Business School, Anji Zhao also wrote a groundbreaking case study on “ocean-going ships”. This article is still part of the required curriculum for first-year students at Harvard Business School.

Anji Zhao later established the Mulan Zhao and Zicheng Zhao Family Scholarship at Harvard University.

The Zhao family’s obituary noted that although Angie Zhao was born in the United States, she never forgot her roots and helped build a bridge of communication between East and West throughout her life. She also serves as Honorary President of the Jiaotong University Alumni Association of America.AsianCo-chair of the American Foundation Advisory Board and member of the National Committee on US-China Relations Young Leaders Forum.

The Zhao family said Anji Zhao’s sudden passing not only leaves a missing piece in the family’s heart, but is also a great loss to the Asian community.

Zhao Zicheng (middle), Zhao Xiaolan (right), and Zhao Anji (left). (File photo of this newspaper)



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