EME Hive, an English-speaking Asian romance / marriage matching app that allows you to check facial expressions and atmosphere live, raises about 800 million yen | Today Nation News

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US EAST MEET EAST (EME), which operates the matching live distribution application “EME Hive” (Android version / iOS version) for Asians living in English-speaking countries, announced on November 25, 700 through a third-party allotment. Announced funding of 10,000 dollars (about 800 million yen). Underwriters are lead investor DENA, Asahi Media Lab Ventures, and Mobile Internet Capital.

With the funds raised, we will strengthen the matching x live distribution system that is epoch-making and can be used with confidence even in the case of corona. Furthermore, we will promote the expansion of the market share of multiracial communities including Hispanics.

EME Hive is a romance / marriage matching service mainly targeted at Asians whose main language is English, and was launched in New York in December 2013. The total number of registered users is said to be over 140,000. It seems that the number of users has increased sharply because they were able to communicate in real time even when they could not meet in person due to the corona.

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In conventional matching apps, there are many formats such as “check only the photo of the other party, communicate only by chat, and then meet directly”, “when I actually met, it was different from the photo”, “chat alone has an atmosphere. I don’t know. “

On the other hand, with EME Hive, you can check each other’s facial expressions and atmosphere not only by photo and chat, but also by live distribution, so you can communicate with peace of mind. In addition, items that focus on Asian interests such as age at the time of immigration to the United States and native language can be set as search conditions, and the success rate of matching is maximized by incorporating an algorithm. Through a common cultural community, you can not only meet for love, but also find friends with the same hobbies.Approximately 800 million yen has been raised for the matching app


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