Emilio Azcarraga Jean: Who are the two women who own Televisa married

U.S.A.Emilio Azcarraga Jean: Who are the two women who...

Currently, Emilio Azcarraga Jean is the owner of Televisa. Photo: Adrian Moser/Bloomberg

There are entrepreneurs in Mexico who know how to stand out for their good business management, which has allowed them to knead a juicy Luck, such is the case Azcárraga family, owners of the television company Televisa.

Who started with the foundation of this company Emilio Azcarraga Vidoureta, Well, he was the one who started the company. Later his son inherited it, Emilio Azcaraga Milamo, also known as “El Tigre” Azcaraga, who managed to overtake televisa And he also internationalized it and made a great fortune.

After the death of El Tigre in 1997, the company was inherited by his son, Emilio Azcarraga Jean, which till date owns the television station. According to the American magazine expert on financial issues, Azcarraga Jean has a fortune Forbes, From USD 770 millionWhich makes him one of the richest man in the country.

throughout his life, Azkarga Jean has been married twice, first with Alejandra de Cima Aldrette, with whom he was married for only three years from 1999 to 2002. Cima Alderete is a Mexican philanthropist and plastic artist.

Alejandra de Cima was married to Emilio Azcarraga Jean for three years.  Photo: Taken from Facebook
Alejandra de Cima was married to Emilio Azcarraga Jean for three years. Photo: Taken from Facebook

In 2002, at age 30, a lump was found in Alejandra’s breast and the diagnosis was not encouraging: it was cancer, After overcoming this, he decided to make it Seema Foundation, with which it helps thousands of women who have Breast Cancer.

For marriage between businessman and Alejandra de Seema, great personality from Political, Professional and Artistic Life in Mexico, Bernardo Gomez, José Baston, Alfonso de Angoitia, Jacobo Zabaludowski, Jaime Dávila, Nadia Jean (mother of the groom), Magdalena Gili, Sergio de Cima (father of the bride), Elizabeth Diaz, Ernesto Peruskia, Odette Cabello, Claudia Gavica, Martha Alcala And Fernando Letamendi was some of the personalities that were there.

they were too Vicente Fox Quesada, who became the first politician to remove the government from power a year later. PRI, Porfirio Munoz Ledo, Francisco Labastida, Ricardo Salinas Plego, Carlos Slim Helu, who was already listed as the richest man in the country, Hector Aguilar Camin, Sylvia Pinal, and even now the president of mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador, According to the newspaper, among many other celebrities Day.

was with the businessman’s second marriage Sharon Fastlich KurianWith whom he is married till date. He She is the youngest daughter of businessman Marcos Fastlich Sacker, a renowned art promoter who opened a gallery in the Roma neighborhood in the 1970s. And he was in charge of setting up various real estate agencies and companies dedicated to the construction industry. Also, father-in-law azcarga gin Actively participated in the constitution of the cinematographic projection chain Cinemax, in which he held the position of chairman of the board of directors until 2004, when the company was sold.

The two met during a concert in 2004.  Photo: Facebook-Valentine Martinez Huerta
The two met during a concert in 2004. Photo: Facebook-Valentine Martinez Huerta

Other positions held by him Marcos Fastlich Has been Vice President of the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute, Chairman of the Board of Trustees National Museum of Anthropology, President of the National Association of Civic Participation Councils AC, Head of the Crime Victims Commission, the now defunct PGR (Office of the Attorney General) and furthermore He served as a member of the Advisory Council of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)., For her part, Sharon Fastlich’s mother is Sharon Kurian, a well-known psychologist who, according to various national media, participated in a research project with director Steven Spielberg.

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According to the information received from the magazine Who, Sharon Fastlich studied Social Communication and International Relations in San Diego, California, In 2004 she was the deputy editor of rose, fashion and beauty magazine. According to the specific media in the show and royalties, wife of Emilio Azcarraga Jean is the “lover of cinematography”. and has also done philanthropic work through social impact campaigns.

Sharon Fastlich and Azcaraga Jean met during a concert held at Azteca Stadium in 2002, when she was 22 and he was 34. The couple married two years later in a special ceremony held at the “El Contadero” farm, west of Mexico City, in the office of the Cuajimalpa mayor. According to the information received from the magazine Hello!, The event was brought alive by 16 music artists, which featured Dominican singer-songwriters Juan Luis Guerra, Emmanuel, Mijares, Alex Sintec, Béni Ibarra, among others.

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