Emirati General Al Raisi, accused of torture, is the new chairman of Interpol

WorldEmirati General Al Raisi, accused of torture, is the...

  • Many European legislators and human rights organizations have expressed concern.

  • UAE donates huge amount to International Criminal Police Organization

United Arab Emirates Another victory is recorded on the international scene, but their goal is the defeat of human rights. Emirati General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Accused of “torment“, has been elected this Thursday’s president Interpol, The International Criminal Police Organization will be guided by the military for the next four years against which complaints are being made in France and Turkey. a member of European Parliament And human rights organizations have already expressed concern over naming who is “part of a security apparatus that continues to systematically attack peaceful critics.”

“Al Raisi is elected after three voting innings; in the final round he received 68.9% votes issued by member states,” Interpol reported on its Twitter account. France, the country where the international organization is headquartered, or Turkey, whose general assembly is held in its capital, Istanbul, has spoken out in recent months about complaints of atrocities leveled against the general. it also has lawsuits Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom, His nation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the second largest economic contributor to the Organization for Police Cooperation.

During his world lobbying tour for the job, €50 million donation In 2017, Petromonarchy made Interpol almost equal to the statutory contributions of the 195 member states of the International Security Corps. Feather 2020, for a total of 60 million euros, reducing the ability of other member states to influence the organization. Raisi, the head of the Emirati security forces, will assume a role primarily ritualistic and volunteers who can practice from their native country.

Concerns in the European Parliament

last November 11 three limbs The European Parliament signed a letter to the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, which had warned of the implications of this appointment. “We are convinced that the election of General Raisi impact on the mission and will seriously affect the reputation of Interpol and the organization’s ability to fulfill its functions Effectiveness“Wrote three MEPs, including Marie Arenas, Chairman of the Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights.

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Also in October 2020 19 Onegasy He showed his uneasiness over the possible election of Raisi. was among them Human Rights Watch (HRW), which regretted the last appointment this Thursday. “this is sad day For human rights and the rule of law around the world, when a representative of the Gulf’s perhaps more authoritarian government, which equates peaceful dissent with terrorism, is chosen to head the only police organization that protects the entire world. does cover. “, condemned his researcher at bay, hiba zaidini,

“UAE Dependent”

in return, Gulf Center for Human Rights Raisi of “acts of atrocities and vandalism” against the opposition and human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor | He has since been detained 2017 In a four-square-metre cell “without mattresses or cold protection”, or “access to doctors, sanitation, water or sanitation facilities.” The Emirati is involved in complaints from dissident British nationals Matthew Hedges and Ali Issa Ahmed, both of whom were arrested in the United Arab Emirates.

A report on Emirates and Interpol by attorney David Calvert-Smith published in April stated that the Interpol Foundation for a Safer World, a non profit organization The ally, which was Interpol’s third external contributor in 2018, was “entirely dependent on the United Arab Emirates.” It seemed that Its “sole purpose was to be a channel by which to channel the cash from the Government of the Emirates to Interpol,” he concluded.

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For his part, Raisi stated in an opinion article that his The intent of “modernization and transformation” The organization relied on “as the role of the Emirates” leader in policing Driven by technology and as a bridge builder in the international community.”

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