Emirati General Al Raisi, accused of torture, is the new chairman of Interpol

WorldEmirati General Al Raisi, accused of torture, is the...

  • Many European legislators and human rights organizations have expressed concern.

  • UAE donated over 60 million euros to police organization in 2020

Emirati General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisik, against which they weigh Complaint of “Atrocities” In France and Turkey, it was pick one NS Thursday Feather President of Istanbul Interpoli, as declared by the International Criminal Police Organization. Although it is true that the figure of the President is at the top respectable role, the real person in charge re-elected as general secretary in 2019, Jurgen Stock, several organizations Safety of human rights As well as European Legislator they were Antonym for the election of the general. his country, United Arab Emirates, is that second economic contributor Police Cooperation Organization

The Chairman of Interpol, appointed for a term of four years, serves as a part time and size unpaid, and he does it in his native country. In-spite of this, various supervisors he expressed his Worry for the arrival of al raisi to the President of the organization. “We are convinced that the election of General Al Raisi will affect the mission and reputation of Interpol,” wrote the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in mid-November to three MEPs, including subcommittee chair Marie Arena. European Parliament of Human Rights.

Many Complaint of “Atrocities” has been filed against Al Raisi in recent months in France, where the police organization is based, and in turkey, a country that has been hosting a general assembly to be held in Istanbul from Tuesday, in which the general was elected. The Gulf Center for Human Rights accused the newly elected president of “acts of tyranny and vandalism“against him opponents and activists for human rights Ahmed MansoorMILF since detained 2017 In a four-square-metre cell “without mattresses or cold protection”, or “access to doctors, sanitation, water or sanitation facilities.”

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Million Dollar Donation to Interpoli

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In October 2020, 19 NGOs, including Human Rights Watch (HRW), already concerned about the possible election of a new Interpol president, who is “a member of a security apparatus that systematically targets peaceful opposition.” choose General Al Raisi would send “a signal to other authoritarian regimes” that Using Interpol to Prosecute Opponents Abroad “It’s not a problem,” Edward Lemon, an expert on authoritarian governance at Texas A&M University, told AFP.

Lemon assured that Arab Emirates Donation 50 million euros To Interpol in 2017, an amount roughly equal to the statutory contribution of 195 countries member of the International Security Corps, who was 60 million euros in 2020, Emirates, the organizer of the 2018 General Assembly, also “donated or loaned” 10 million euros in 2019, 7% of Interpol’s annual budget, “adds expert.” This money reduces the ability of other members to influence the organization,” he said.

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