Enes Kanter Freedom Thinks Elon Musk Can Bring ‘Justice’ to the NBA (Video)

Former Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Liberty believes billionaire Elon Musk could bring “justice” to the NBA if he buys the league.

Elon Musk is on a Twitter spree, but Enes Kanter Freedom has another big acquisition for Musk: the NBA.

The former Boston Celtics center, who was recently traded to the Houston Rockets and waived on Feb. 14, joined Fox News to discuss his uncertain future in the league. Because of Musk’s political views, Kanter freely spoke about his desire to see the tech billionaire buy the alliance.

“That would be my dream…I think his freedom of speech is amazing. He can do justice to the NBA and finally, maybe, I can play basketball.”

“They forced me to retire at 29 because I spoke out,” Kantor Liberty said earlier in the interview.

Enes Kanter Freedom wants Elon Musk to buy the NBA and protect free speech

Kanter Freedom has been in the league since 2011, but the 29-year-old is no longer on the NBA roster. According to Kantor Liberty, this is the result of his willingness to speak out against Chinese human rights abuses. Specifically, Kanter Liberty calls attention to the treatment of China’s Uighur Muslim and Tibetan minorities, according to France24. In April, Kanter Freedom traveled to Geneva in hopes of meeting with UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet to discuss these issues before heading to China.

“We don’t have time to wait. People are dying and being killed, so she definitely needs to push whoever she needs to push,” Kantor Liberty said at the time.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver denies activism related to Houston Rockets’ decision to cut him, coach Ime Udoka highlights Kanter Liberty’s defense while Kanter Liberty plays for Celtics The question is a question, not his political views.

Kanter Freedom has publicly criticized the NBA’s reluctance to support activism critical of human rights abuses in China, which he discussed at length in an interview with Fox.

Perhaps Kanter Liberty had the idea for Musk to buy out the league after seeing the Houston Rockets’ Twitter account impersonating Musk and getting the Rockets’ No. 1 overall pick.

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