Eric Garcetti’s ambassador’s route was blocked following a Senate report

Although Mr Gracley’s report did not confirm that Mr Garcetti was aware of his colleagues’ actions, he was not fully aware that the idea, which was widely described as an open secret, was “in the office”. I’m scared, “said Jessica.

This is especially true, Ms Levinson said, adding that Mr Jacobs was “chosen to help the mayor because the mayor knew about him”.

Ms Levinson said the dynamic Mr Grassley’s report could further reassure Democrats. Before and after reports from Grassley’s office, several Democratic senators expressed concern about Garcetti’s nomination, but no one directly said they would vote for his confirmation.

Whether Mayor Biden joins the administration – supporting Mr. Biden shortly after his own presidential election in 2020 – Mr Garcetti’s path to the senior elected office is unclear, and his choices are narrow during his process. Huh.

Mr Garcetti, 51, has previously been criticized for spending too much time outside the state to strengthen his ties with the National Democratic Party without facing the challenges of his hometown.

Although the mayor of Los Angeles is less powerful than cities like New York, mr. Garcetti is often blamed for the region’s homeless crisis, which has worsened under his leadership.

According to the annual survey of county residents’ satisfaction by the Los Angeles Initiative at the UCLA Ruskin School of Public Affairs, the mayor’s approval ratings fell from 62 percent two years ago to 45 percent two years ago in 2020.

However, Ms Levinson said there was still a way for Mr. Garcetti.

“I think we are a country of forgetfulness,” she said. “He is a young man, he is a smart boy, he is an ambitious boy. I think he is a good candidate in many ways. If he doesn’t want a similar ending, I shouldn’t. ,

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