Ethiopia. – The TPLF says it has “no idea” of Ethiopia’s prime minister’s presence on the war front

U.S.A.Ethiopia. - The TPLF says it has "no idea"...

The president denies differences with Abiy and advocates for an agreement to be reached to end the conflict.

The United Kingdom recommends that its citizens leave the country and the United States warns of the possibility of attacks

Madrid, 25 (Europa Press)

The Popular Front for the Liberation of the Tigre (TPLF) has been skeptical about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s alleged transfer to the war front and indicated that his forces “do not know which front is in charge.”

“What were you thinking about when you started this poorly written drama of leaving Addis Ababa for your version of the Battle of Adua a la Menelik?” TPLF spokesman Getachev Reda, referring to the battle in 1896 in which Ethiopian troops defeated the invading Italian forces during Menelik II’s mandate.

“Despite his public announcement to lead the army on the battlefield, our forces do not know which front he is in charge of,” he said in his account on the social network Twitter, when the government indicated that Abiy had taken his The powers were handed over to the Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekkonen, in the face of his displacement.

Getachev also criticized Abiy’s appeals to “Africans” for their support in the war, insisting that “Abiy Ahmed has started an ‘African’ war against his own people who are uncomfortably African.”

Ethiopian government spokesman Legacy Tulu said on Wednesday that Abiy moved to the front line on Tuesday as he promised he would on Monday, noting the progress of the TPLF in the Amhara region and the escalation of the ongoing conflict earlier. In the Tigre region (North).

He also emphasized that the prime minister‘s decision has “inspired many” and that “many people follow him”, hours after Olympic medalists Haile Gebrselassie and Feisa Lillessa announced they would join the TPLF. Are planning to join forces against.

Abiy, who was awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for a peace deal with Eritrea, said late Monday that he would join forces to protect the country “from internal and external enemies”, while calling on Ethiopians to join the armed forces. Confront the group’s progress while appealing.

For its part, the Ethiopian government has condemned in recent hours that “the terrorist group TPLF is preparing its own special forces and militias as a captive in national uniform and kidnapped youth after attacks in Amhara and Afar”. Fighter in uniform prepared and produced in a garment factory of his own.

“The videos have since been edited and sent to international media so that they can be broadcast as imprisoned mobs. The purpose of the video, which has been widely circulated in the media, is part of a psychological war started by as to confuse the public with false information. Groups.” has indicated the communication service of the Ethiopian government via Twitter.

President denies differences with Abiy

In another vein, the President of Ethiopia, Sahlewerk Zewde, has come across information published by the newspaper ‘June Afrique’ about his differences with Abiy in relation to the conflict, according to which the President “approved or supported Abiy Ahmed’s war policy”. don’t.”

The president said in a statement that “she has never met the author” and that “she does not consider the article’s appearance at this time to be a coincidence.” “I know there is an attempt to create differences in the Ethiopian leadership,” he argued.

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“As someone who has dedicated himself to helping countries facing political difficulties and internal conflicts, I am well aware of the current situation in my country. As with many, I am devastated It’s especially sad to fight a civil war,” he said.

“It should also be known that, when seeking agreements, not everyone is served. It is up to the Ethiopian people to find a way to resolve the conflict in our country,” he said via his account on Twitter. said in its published statement.

In this sense, Sehlewerk has emphasized that “Ethiopia needs the contribution of all its children to overcome the current crisis” and that “Abi as the leader of the government has issued guidelines.” “We are all applying our knowledge and skills to follow the established path,” he said.

The president insisted, “The search for a peaceful settlement is the key to resolving conflicts. Conversely, resorting to military means, although this is undesirable, can be imposed on us, as has been the case.”

As such, he explained that “without going into details, it must be remembered that the government has established conditions before negotiations” and added that “this is in the context of the pursuit of peace and nothing new.”

“It has been said that I don’t speak enough about the problems,” he said, before recalling that he had recently told parliament that “if our hands bleed from the spikes, it means the rose is close.” Is.”

“We are bleeding now. Let’s make sure Rose isn’t really far away. We’re making progress. Let’s persevere and stay together,” Sahlwerk said in his statement.

United Kingdom recommends visiting its citizens

In this context, the United Kingdom government has recommended that its citizens leave the African country due to the “rapid worsening” of the situation. “British citizens must go now,” said Vicky Ford, the British Foreign Minister for Africa.

“In the coming days, we may see how fighting approaches Addis Ababa, which could severely limit British citizens’ options to leave Ethiopia,” he said in a video posted to his Twitter account .

“I call on British citizens, whatever the circumstances, to leave now that there are commercial flights available as Addis Ababa International Airport remains open,” Ford stressed.

Similarly, he disclosed that the government had “approved interest-free loans to support British citizens who may have problems entering flights back into the United Kingdom” and that “leaving the country and consular support.” Will soon be more difficult. What can be given will be limited.”

“British citizens who do not wish to leave now should prepare to seek refuge in a safe place for the next few weeks. We cannot guarantee that there will be options to leave Ethiopia in the future,” he reiterated.

For its part, the US State Department has reminded US citizens in the country of the “possibility of terrorist attacks in Ethiopia” and that “terrorists may strike with little or no warning” and that for their purposes, tourist destinations. There are diplomatic facilities between Transportation points, shopping centers, western businesses, restaurants, resorts and government facilities.

“US citizens are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and to avoid areas frequented by foreigners,” he stressed, adding that “the State Department has no higher priority than the safety of US citizens abroad.” Not there.”

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