EU begins “technical dialogue” with Belorussia and migration crisis subsides

WorldEU begins "technical dialogue" with Belorussia and migration crisis...

  • Minsk evicts border camps and transfers refugees to isolated facilities from the cold

  • The first repatriation plane took off from the capital of Belarus for Baghdadi

On two occasions the German chancellor still spoke on the phone Angela Merkel With the President of Belarus in recent days, alexandr lukashenko, to end the migration crisis affecting the eastern border of the European Union since the summer. And Conversation, presented by the European Union as “technical dialogue” to provide humanitarian aid Migrants stranded in the jungles, it seems they have started bear fruit, Belarus has been evicted in recent hours Camp Located next to the demarcation, while the first repatriation flight to Baghdad took off from Minsk. government of iraq with the citizens of this country.

From Belarusian presidential election As of August 2020, the Belarusian dictator had become a pariah leader for twenty-seven, depriving him of all recognition And validity and abstain Contact something with him. For this reason, the Belarusian side presented the telephone conversations as “one conversation”, an extreme that is the opposite of the Union version. simple discussion For doing it less human drama that you live Forest that different Belarus of Poland and the Baltic republics. The talks between the European Representative for Foreign Policy have been added to the contacts between Merkel and Lukashenko, josep borrell, and the Belarusian Foreign Minister, Vladimir Mekik,

However, Belarusian security forces have begun to evict them. of immediate areas Located in Belarusian side from the Polish border, while its occupants were relocated to warehouses and facilities where they could spend the night without exposing themselves in the open And this cold, According to officials in Minsk, the crisis has begun to subside after the Belarusian state publicly acknowledged that “about 7,000″ Arab, Asian and African citizens were present in its territory and that Merkel would return to their countries with her. There was an agreement for 5,000 more feature of the original”a human corridor“On the German side for the remaining 2,000, which are precisely those that are near the border. However, this last point was not confirmed by German or community sources.

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strong hand

Poland accused of managing the crisis with a heavy hand How else a simple security problem Free from human implications, he does not hide his thoughts deal Organized by the leaders of Germany and the European Union along with Belarus. Polish government spokesman, speaking to the state television channel TVP Piotr Muller has acknowledged that it is not “a good move”. Jaroslav Kaczynski, the deputy minister of the executive has warned that no resolution to the conflict “will be able to pass over the head of the Poles.”

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NS Poland Government, led by the party law and justicetrending populist And ultra conservative, has starred many accidents with community officials in recent years, due to maneuvers and decisions taken which are reducing The rule of law in the country, the freedom of power of attorney and freedom of minorities. Prominent local journalists have criticized the ban on driving within three kilometers of the border, while Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) The measure is called “excessive”.

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