Saturday, November 26, 2022

EU Council President to visit Beijing, officials reveal Taiwan as top issue

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The European UnionCouncil President Michel will visit Beijing on 1 December to meet the Chinese PresidentXi JinpingTalks. Officials said the focus would be on travelRussiaA threat to the world from the invasion of Ukraine and a threat to Taiwan from China itself.

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“We will discuss global challenges and topics of common interest,” Charles Michel said in a tweet announcing his visit, reports AFP.

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European Council President Michel, who represents leaders of the European Union, had been trying to arrange talks with Xi for months, officials said, finally setting a date for last week’s G20 summit. Went.

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A European official said on condition of anonymity that EU leaders had authorized Michel to hold talks with China.

Officials said it is important for Europe that China does not provide arms to Russia or assist Moscow in circumventing European and US economic sanctions, while on the issue of Taiwan, the current situation is to “defuse the conflict”. is required.

“The point is that rules are the foundation of the international order,” he said.

“What we want to tell China is that we need a world with the United Nations (UN) at the center, and Russian aggression, a potential conflict over Taiwan are real threats.”

As far as the economy is concerned, the official said Michel will try to find ways to reduce Europe’s trade deficit with China.

China has become increasingly assertive under Xi Jinping, and EU countries are now anxiously discussing how to handle their relations with China. The United States is urging its Western allies to fight China together, but many EU member states with significant trade ties with China refuse to divide global affairs into two camps.


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