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EU plans to impose new round of sanctions against Russia, including 4 Chinese companies

Radio Free Europe revealed this on the 10thEuropean UnionPreparing for sanctions from China, Kazakhstan, Serbia and othersRussiaOf the 21 military and technology companies involved in the aggressive war against Ukraine, 4 are from China.

According to documents seen by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russia attacked on the 24thukraineTo mark the second anniversary, the EU is expected to announce a 13th round of Russia-related sanctions targeting six foreign entities.

According to reports, the four Chinese companies mentioned in the draft EU sanctions plan are registered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places, and are involved in trading, chip and other technology industries.

So far, the EU has sanctioned three Chinese companies in a series of previous projects; Furthermore, due to the increasing number of Chinese companies providing non-lethal but military-use equipment to Russia, the EU continues to discuss the matter with Beijing.

The report notes that since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, there has been an increase in Russia’s imports of dual-use goods through Central Asian and Chinese companies, including electronic products and components produced by Western companies, such as microchips and Drones included.

During their visit to China late last year, European Commission (European Commission) President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel warned Chinese President Xi Jinping over Brussels’ handling of its identity. 13 Chinese companies are suspected of being involved in supplying goods to Russian companies.

Debate over new EU sanctions list to continue in Brussels as EU seeks to revive dwindling Western support and aid to Ukraine

The US political news network Politico reported on the 7th that the EU has asked the governments of all countries to take immediate action to stop the illegal flow of goods to Russia and close the loopholes in sanctions; Additionally, the European Commission is evaluating the possibility of establishing an EU sanctions enforcement agency.

An official briefed on the conversations told POLITICO that the idea is growing in popularity and the issue could be on Vander Leyen’s agenda if he is re-elected.

It is reported that the idea of ​​establishing a European sanctions enforcement agency has been very popular in the past. About 10 countries, including Germany, France, Italy and Spain, supported the establishment of relevant units last year, led by the Netherlands.

The value of EU exports of sanctioned goods to non-EU countries could rise from 3 billion euros (about US$3.2 billion) before Russia invaded Ukraine to 5.6 billion in mid-2023, the European Commission document seen by POLITICO said. Euro is done. The document says this increase has compensated for Russia’s losses from the decline in legal trade.



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