Europe asked to give booster vaccine to the elderly

WorldEurope asked to give booster vaccine to the elderly

NS European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) This Wednesday warned and advised of a “very high risk” for COVID in the coming weeks Give all adults a booster shot And, as a priority, those who are above 40 years of age. “Countries should consider booster doses for all adults over the age of 18, with priority for those over 40,” the ECDC said in a note to the media.

The Stockholm-based entity highlighted that at this point less than 70% of the general population of the European Union (EU) has received the full guideline, which leaves “a great place” for the virus to spread.

danger in winter

Faced with the cold, the organization warned that hospitalizations of non-vaccinated people, especially risk groups, would be high, so current vaccination rates would be “inadequate” to avoid overloading health systems.

Europe must close the immunity gap in the adult population” and ensure effective and equitable coverage in all countries and territories,” urged the ECDC, adding that immunization of the most vulnerable “should remain a “priority” of health authorities.

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With regard to the booster dose which is supplied Six months after the second puncture, The unit explained that the aim is to “improve safety” and thus “reduce transmission among the population and prevent additional hospitalizations and deaths.”

meanwhile mask

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However, since the effects of vaccines take several weeks to become noticeable, the ECDC noted that it is also important to maintain or resume non-pharmacological measures, such as mask use and protective distance.

“Motivating people to follow these measures is even more important as we move into the winter and holiday season, when more people travel and gather indoors,” the unit concluded.

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