Europe has printed its gas reserves

Economy NewsEurope has printed its gas reserves

Europe has printed its underground gas storage facilities (UGS). This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the platform Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

As of October 13, European consumers have entered a period of net selection: gas injection into the EU UGS for the first time since April was significantly lower than the volume banned in the last day. The fence began when the vaults were only 78 percent full. This figure was the worst in five years.

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said Europe had enough gas reserves for the winter. She noted that current stockpiles are “limited but sufficient to meet the needs of Europeans.”

Earlier, the head of the Bundestag’s Committee on Economy and Energy Klaus Ernst found a way to reduce the cost of gas in Europe. He said that the launch of Nord Stream-2 as soon as possible would be able to stabilize energy market prices. According to the head of the committee, the increase in the price of gas is not related to the actions of Gazprom. This was stated by the German government. Klaus Ernst stressed that the Russian energy supplier has fulfilled all its obligations under the contracts. The European Commission agrees with the policy. Earlier in October, the EU executive issued a statement stressing that Gazprom had fulfilled all its contractual obligations.


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