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Even conviction won’t stop Trump from electing president

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FBI raid on former presidenttrumpMar-a-Lago residence in Florida is believed to have been brought back after Trump left officewhite HouseCarry 15 boxes of documents, which are classified. Under US law, anyone who knowingly and illegally conceals, confiscates, and destroys government documents can be sentenced to up to three years in prison. If the perpetrator of the crime is a federal government official, he must be dismissed from office and not allowed to serve in public office.


The New York Times reported that Trump’s intention to return in 2024 is well known to passersby. If he is found to be violating the law, will his return to the White House stop there?

From a legal point of view, if Trump is convicted, it should be abolished.But in practice, in 2015, a strong candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nominationHillaryI Clinton, who was revealed to be the secretary of state, used a private email server for official business, akin to keeping government documents private. Some Republicans were happy that she was out early, including Bush-era Attorney General Mukesh.

But many legal experts have pointed out that eligibility to run for president is determined by the Constitution, not Congress. The Constitution authorizes Congress to impeach and remove government officials, but does not authorize criminal law to disqualify citizens from running for office.

Hillary. Elias, a legal adviser to the Clinton campaign, once said on Twitter that the FBI’s search for Mar-a-Lago was a blow to American politics, but later acknowledged on Twitter that even if the lawsuit was settled, it would hurt Trump. Can’t stop. Re-election for President. , However, candidates may have to stand trial during the campaign, which is still a major event in American politics.

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