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Even liberals can’t afford it… New York Times column questions Biden’s ability to be re-elected as President

bidenLiberals also struggled to support the president’s performance, with several columns in The New York Times over the weekend questioning Biden’s ability to remain president.

Over the weekend, several columns in The New York Times analyzed and evaluated Biden’s ability to serve as president based on his age and mental acuity; A few days ago, an investigative report by a special committee had raised questions about Biden’s fitness in handling classified documents.

The New York Times, which has a more liberal stance, has published at least one column suggesting that Biden withdraw from the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential primary nomination, the Capitol Hill newspaper reported.

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat believes that “the President (Biden) publicly gives the impression not of being old but of being extremely fragile, like a light bulb that has dimmed but still shines.”

On the 9th, The New York Times editorial board published another article titled “The Challenges of an Aging President”, pointing out that Biden’s re-election at an older age has brought the United States into “uncharted territory” Have given.

The New York Times editorial also criticized Biden’s performance at the press conference on the 8th, writing, “Biden’s performance at the press conference on the evening of the 8th was basically to show the public that his memory is intact and Special Prosecutor Robert was to be reprimanded. Angel. ) crossed the line in the Secretariat’s report, but the President instead raised more questions about his cognitive acuity and temperament; And when people looked for stable, comfortable, and competent answers about their health, they displayed emotional and violent reactions.

Additionally, Biden gave a false speech for the third time this week, confusing Egypt and Mexico.

The editorial further read, “(Biden’s) guarantees did not work. He must do better. The cost of Biden’s election as president is too high. Biden cannot expect that he can successfully win the election with the help of a teleprompter.” Are.” Staff.” Complete the mission and defeat the former PresidenttrumpWith such an obviously unqualified opponent, Trump’s comebackwhite HouseThe possibility is very high. ,

Xue Jing wrote in the confidential document investigation report that Biden would not face criminal prosecution, partly because Biden “is an old man and has a weak memory.” After the report was released on the 8th, a depressed Biden personally condemned Xue Jing’s inappropriate behavior that day. Xue Jing was also criticized by several former prosecutors for going too far in condemning him.

Duchard published an article on the 10th titled “The question is not whether Biden should step down, but how he should step down”, pointing out that “Biden should not run for re-election” and said that “As soon as the special prosecutor called into question the President’s memory loss and age-related concerns were evident even before the debate broke out.



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