Friday, August 5, 2022

Evening News of the World/High-speed red-light traffic accident: 6 dead, 8 injured, including infants and pregnant women

Welcome to Evening World News on August 5:

(1) In a major car accident in Windsor, Los Angeles County, the driver speeded a red light and caused 6 deaths and 8 injuries

(2) The Chinese Foreign Ministry retaliated against the United States: canceled and suspended eight cooperation items

(3) The suspect who shot and killed a Chinese-American delivery man in New York committed suicide this morning

(4) Texas man sentenced to 25 years for stabbing Asian father and child to hate crime

(5) The African-American man was eventually arrested in New York for biting the neck of a Chinese-American Internet celebrity and calling him a “silly x Chinaman”.

(6) “Your background is too fake” anchors in Xinjiang became popular and fueled the trend of P-Pictures across the network.

(7) Internet celebrity instant noodles crawling with ants, and the number of readings exceeded 600 million.

(8) Strong employment reports, banks up, technology down


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