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Everyone Wants To See That “The Devil’s Slum” Rushdie’s Creations Get A Lot Of Attention

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IndiadescendantsUKThe murder of writer Rushdie in New York has drawn attention to his works, particularly “The Satanic Verses”, which has received death threats over the years.


Variations from Salman Rushdie’s 1988 book “The Devil’s Soul” occupy the top three spots on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list today.

This list contains the fastest growing selling books. In addition to “Satan’s Hymn”, Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” also made the list, placing it between No. 4 and No. 5.

majorbookstoreReaders, some of whom are too young to remember why Rushdie first sparked outrage in the Muslim world, said they took a keen interest in the author.

At New York’s largest, and perhaps most famous, Strand bookstore, where Rushdie’s murder has risen to prominence for his writings, manager Katie Silvernell said, “Some people come just to find what they wrote. “

“We have some of our young staff who haven’t heard of him, so it was really interesting that I talked to the youth yesterday about who he is and the impact he has had on the literary world.”

“Honestly, I think people came here yesterday because they wanted to talk about their thoughts on this.”

Some Twitter users called on everyone to show support by buying Rushdie’s book.

“Shaitan’s Bhajan” tells the story of a hijacked passenger plane of two Indian actors, which later exploded over the English Channel. The two somehow made it to the British coast safely, one of them turned into the Archangel Gabriel, the other into the Devil.

Rushdie, 75, has been the target of a bounty for murder by Iranian authorities since the late 1980s. He had long faced death threats for “Devil’s Verses”, which some Muslims consider to be blasphemy for the Prophet Muhammad.

Yesterday when she was invited to speak on the topic of artistic freedom in front of hundreds of people, the suspect suddenly came on stage and knelt on her neck and body.

After hours of surgery, Rushdie is still on an artificial respirator and unable to speak.



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