Everyone’s Going to Dance: The premiere date, the judges, and what you need to know about the new reality show

U.S.A.Everyone's Going to Dance: The premiere date, the judges,...

Program at 8:00 pm Azteca Uno. will start by

everyone dance new dance reality show aztec forest, which unlike the others have a completely different dynamic, because eight families will participate Which will be led by a celebrity. It should be noted that among the members of each team there should be a Child,

As per the new format, the entire team will not dance every week, as they can be chosen by the captain to accompany the child, be it in a duet or a group. Each week may vary depending on the challenges involved.

Participants will be assessed by judges and each family will normally qualify, something that can vary depending on the public vote. And that the program will be telecast live so that an application will be enabled so that the viewers can choose their favorite from the comfort of their homes as the competition progresses.

everyone dance It will be hosted by the famous Ingrid Coronado after more than 3 years happy come, remember that a few weeks ago he visited part of the corridors of tv aztec On a red carpet that was specially put up for her. Athlete Aristio Cazares likely accompanies him in every broadcast,

The famous Ingrid Coronado will be in charge of driving (Photo: Instagram / @ingridcoronadomx)
The famous Ingrid Coronado will be in charge of driving (Photo: Instagram / @ingridcoronadomx)

“This new project has brought me love and happiness because it has been an amazing experience. It is a musical reality show that families will participate in. I think it is to bring entertainment to everyone with my false children , “he confessed on his last journey windowing,

Eight captains of each family will be in charge, this time they will participate Patricia Gallo Who will lead the “Irreverant” team, Gary Centeno With “Unstoppable”, Luis Fernando Pea With the team “Luchons”, Ernesto Cazareso will take care of the “fantastic” while Natalia Juarez Will direct “Modern”, mariana boots, known for being in the series Ten . family of, Will be the captain of “Junoon”, Natalia Alcoser “Dreamers and Last But Not Least” Denise Arana Versus “artistic”.

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will replace the program MasterChef Celebrity Mexico from this saturday November 20 at 8:00 pm On the Aztec Uno signal, it will be broadcast every week and will last for three hours. Cash prize will be given to the winning family of dance competition half a million mexican pesos,

Feather happy come Who will be among the three judges of the reality show, it is about Regina Orozco, The famous actress was featured today in the said event and on social networks to share her feelings with the entire public. In several Instagram posts where the news was also released, his fans were delighted with his participation. “How glad to have you on the show”, “I can’t miss it”, “Great to see you every Saturday”, “Like the old days”, “We love you and send you our best wishes”, among others.

Actress Regina Orozco will be part of the judges for the next contest (Photo: Instagram / @oficialreginaorozco)
Actress Regina Orozco will be part of the judges for the next contest (Photo: Instagram / @oficialreginaorozco)

Her illustrious career in the entertainment industry will inspire Regina Orozco to give her the best advice so that the contestants can shine on the stage.

Although the company did not release other details about expected production, journalist Alex Caffee eventually gave his opinion about the new program and revealed that the actress and singer Paulina Goto Received an invitation by Ajusco’s TV station to be part of the jury, as well as influencers mario bautista However nothing has been confirmed yet.

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