Evo Morales was declared persona non grata by the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Congress of Peru

U.S.A.Evo Morales was declared persona non grata by the...

Evo Morales (EFE/Jorge Abrego/Archive)

Peru’s congressional foreign relations committee, where the opposition has a majority, on Monday declared former Bolivian president Evo Morales as personalityless. (2006-2019) “For his negative political activism in Peru and his apparent interference and interference in the government‘s agenda,

The declaration, of a symbolic nature, encourages the Ministries of the Interior and Defense to comply with the Declaration and Prevent Morales from entering Peru, a country that has been repeatedly visited since the Left became president Pedro Castillo, with whom he is friendly.

A similar proposal by right-wing lawmaker Norma Yarrow to declare Evo Morales persona non Greta was rejected at the plenary session of Peru’s Congress last August.

This time, the statement was made within the framework of the second RUNASURE Summit, a meeting of Latin American associations, social organizations and civic groups that Morales has called for December 20 and 21 in Cusco (Peru).

opinion is included 9 votes in favor Right-wing parties such as the Fujimori Popular Force, Popular Renovation, Awanza Pais and centre-rights such as the Alliance for Progress (APP) K.

Leftists were against the votes of the Peru Libre party, with which Castillo won the presidential election, and whose political program is similar to Morales’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), while in abstention they voted for Popular Action.

Pedro Castillo has good relations with Evo Morales
Pedro Castillo has good relations with Evo Morales

National “Hurt”

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Parliamentary Commission headed by Fujimori Congressman Ernesto Bustamante Morales’ presence in Peru is believed to be “This is a clear loss for the Peruvian people, who reject the political agenda they intend to implement.,

Similarly, it denounced Morales promoting a Constituent Assembly in Peru and the nationalization of natural resources, two issues that were central to Castillo’s electoral campaign, in the image and likeness of the presidential mandate of the former Bolivian leader. .

He also “censored Morales’ statements in favor of”Separation of Quechua and Aymara regions from the nation of Peru and expansion of coca cultivation”, as well as against US cooperation against drug trafficking.

Congress President during the debate silvana robles He requested that the statement should not be made on behalf of the entire Parliamentary Commission, as all its members do not agree with its content.

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