Eye Care Tips: Give rest to eyes or .. redness and itching .. get relief with these tips. Red eyes and itchy eyes: home remedies and health tips

HealthEye Care Tips: Give rest to eyes or .....

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World Sight Day: Increasing pollution is affecting the eyes. Also, with the increase in the use of computers and cell phones, the eye is not getting enough rest. Many people are concerned that the eyes are getting closer together. Tired eyes turn red.. Sometimes we also have eye problems.. Sensitive organs Eyes.. These.. Dry eye syndrome, Allergies, Lack of rest for the eye, Smoking, Cold, Flu and many more reason.
In this way it gives rest to tired eyes.. Follow these natural simple tips to reduce redness..

* If you feel very tired in the eyes and have to rest.. take a potato immediately.. cut it into thin chips.. apply on both the eyes..if you get enough rest for half an hour..

* If the eyes are red then rose water can give you good relief. Choose a good company rose water and with the help of a clean dropper apply two to four drops in both the eyes. This removes impurities from the light and cleans the eyes. The eyes are less irritated and cold.

* Ayurveda suggests that chamomile eye wash is a great help for relieving tired and irritated eyes. First, boil a cup of water in a bowl, then add a tablespoon of dried chamomile leaves to the water and cook for 3-4 minutes. Then cool the water and wash the eyes with it. This eye wash removes dust and dirt from the eyes. It also cools the eyes.

* Castor oil has a good relationship with the eyes. Castor oil removes eye problems. If the eyes feel itchy and uncomfortable, apply castor oil on the eyelids and relax for better relief. Castor oil (non-toxic) works as a good medicine, even if it feels a little swollen when applied to the eyes.

* If there is tiredness of the eyes.. red.. Spinach cucumber pieces give good relief. Keep the keratin on the eyes for 20 minutes to cool the eyes. Eyes refreshed.

By following these simple tips available.. Apart from cooling the eyes.. it is advisable to use sunglasses for protection from the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun while going out. These sunglasses protect our eyes from dust, dirt and air pollution. Above all, the eye needs adequate rest and adequate sleep.

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