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F1 cars return to Berlin Porsche to use home advantage to narrow points gap

Porsche will amaze Berlin fans with exciting races and showcasing its performance as an electric car city. (Photo: Courtesy of Porsche)

Formula Erace(Formula E) Berlin is the highlight of Porsche’s season. Rounds 7 and 8 of the ABB Formula E Grand Prix will take place on May 14 and 15 at the historic Tempelhof Airport. The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team aims to use home advantage to bridge the gap to the overall points leader.

This year, Porsche Formula E. is inMexicoWith the first win in the series, both the teamsGermanyDrivers Pascal Wehrlein and André Loterre will continue the race, driving the number 94 and number 36 cars respectively.

Round 7 will take place this Saturday at the historic 2.355km Tempelhof Airport Street Race...
Round 7 of the historic 2.355km Tempelhof Airport Street Race will take place on Saturday and Round 8 will run counter-clockwise on Sunday. (Photo: Courtesy of Porsche)

With its Formula E race, Berlin is showing itself as a big city for electric cars. It is the only city that regularly hosts the Formula E world’s first pure electric race every season. Formula E team director Florian Modlinger said: “We want to surprise fans with exciting events and make Formula E more German like.”

Regarding the withdrawal of the two drivers from the race in Monaco, team director Florian Modlinger said: “Monaco is a thing of the past, as a professional racing team, we understand that setbacks are also the only way forward for motorsport. Looking ahead. So, the team will do its best to move on and try to get back the points it lost in Monaco.”

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