F1: Lewis Hamilton wins Qatar Grand Prix; Checo Perez is fourth

U.S.A.F1: Lewis Hamilton wins Qatar Grand Prix; Checo...

Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani

this sunday, mexican, Sergio Check perez ended in fourth place NS Qatar Grand Prix, which means recovery of seven posts after starting in eleventh place because of its surprising removal Suitable number two on saturday

for its part, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) conquered in first place, after Max Verstappen (Red Bull), ending in Second, And Fernando Alonso (alpine) in third place, after Seven Years That the Spanish climbed the Formula 1 podium for the first time.

minute by minute:

09:29 Sergio Check Perez finishes fourth at Qatar Grand Prix

09:27 Green signal: Race resumes

09:25 Virtual Safety Car: yellow flag for runway wreck

09:22 Three laps Qatar’s Grand Prix concludes, shaping up for Mexican finale fourth place of this stage, which means recovery of Seven posts.

09:17 Mexican is in fourth place Norris after entering the pits

09:14 Ocon. Checo Perez climbed to fifth place after a hard fight against

(Photo: Twitter @F1)
(Photo: Twitter @F1)

09:12 Hydrology overtook Lance Stroll (William) and headed uphill 6th place, Targeted for fifth: Esteban Ocon (Alpine)

09:05 From Checo Perez to the pits And comes out in seventh place

08:54 Perez enters the podium in third place After Bottas Tire Puncture

08:48 Intense dispute between Perez and Alonso for fourth place; Red Bull shows superiority and snatches position from Alpine

(Photo: Twitter @F1)
(Photo: Twitter @F1)

08:45 With the passing of Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) pits, Sergio Perez is located in fifth place

08:42 at Checo Perez seventh place After Norris’ entry pits

08:40 Mexican again rises two places and fixes Eighth place in the competition.

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08:38 Checo Perez reclaims two positions and is located in tenth place

Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani
Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani

08:33 Checo Perez enters boxes And in the twelfth place comes out of white rubs.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the pilots at the top of WaterScience are still pending tire replacements.

08:31 Hamilton enters the pits and the gap with Verstappen is cut 8 seconds, Perez is here 14 seconds Difference, in the crosshairs with Fernando Alonso (Alpine) third place

08:28 Checo Perez finishes fourth at Qatar Grand Prix and leaves Norris behind.

Verstappen retains second place, while hamilton still secures its first position with 33 seconds The difference on Verstappen.

    Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani
Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani

08:22 The Mexican easily defeats Pierre Gasly (Alfa Tauri) and reaches Fifth place. McLaren will battle with Lando Norris in pursuit of fourth place Forum.

Meanwhile, before the competition . Lewis Hamilton stays at a good pace that sets it apart seven seconds Max Verstappen.

08:16 With a steady and confident rhythm, hydrology regains its position going to sixth place, Displacing Esteban Ocon (Alpine)

    Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani
Reuters / Thayer Al-Sudani

08:15 Checo Perez climbs to seventh place After passing Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

08:11 Checo Perez overtakes Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) and rises to eighth place, Max Verstappen chase second hamilton which continues before

08:04 Qatar Grand Prix begins

Checo Perez with a good start and located in ninth place

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