Failed to reach the semifinals of the Indonesia Masters 2021, Greysia/Apriyani admits the dominance of the Thai pair

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NUSA DUA – Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu failed to reach the semifinals Indonesia Masters 2021 after losing to the representative of Thailand, Puttita Supajirakul / Sapsiree Taerattanachai. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold winner admitted that he could not resist the dominant opponent’s game.

Greysia/Apriyani failed to advance to the semifinals after surrendering to Supajirakul/Taerattanachai in a battle of 1 hour 23 minutes. They were defeated by a score of 21-18, 13-21, and 19-21.

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Greysia/Apriyani acknowledged that defeat because Supajirakul/Taerattanachai were able to dominate in the second and third games. Although they had excelled in the first game, they failed to continue their positive trend in the last two games.

“We have to admit that Thailand played better than us. Since the first game we dominated, but in the second and third games they dominated,” said Greysia to the media crew at the Bali International Convention Center, Friday (11/19/2021).

“We want to try to get out but fall behind, try to catch up by changing strategies but it’s really difficult and Thailand is not careless. They remain solid and confident first, because mentally they are superior,” he added.

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In addition, the second seeded pair revealed that what they had planned before the match did not go according to plan. They even admitted that they were upset because they failed to launch the best game in this match.

“That’s what makes us unable to play the strategy we want. Thoughts and desires use our strategy, but if you are in the field, why can’t you and become annoyed yourself,” added Greysia.

Furthermore, Greysia/Apriyani also assessed that the long duration in this match made them have to be able to maximize every point. It’s not just a matter of physicality, but also of mind and strategy.

“Because playing women’s doubles if it’s been a long, long time, in the end it’s just holding on, in terms of strategy, who can stand it wins,” concluded Greysia.


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