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‘Far Country’ West Coast Premiere: Exploring the History of Chinese Angel Island

“The Far Country,” written by renowned playwright Lloyd Suh and shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize, recently had its first West Coast performance at Peet’s Theater in Berkeley.

The play tells the story of the “Chinese Exclusion Act” period.SugarArrival of Ancestor Moon Gyetsan franciscoAngel Island, Bay AreaMigrantExperience after station. At that time, a compatriot who had crossed the ocean a few years earlier gave him a new name and a ready-made identity. But their path to San Francisco and their dream of a better life for future generations came at a high price.

Spanning two countries and three generations, this gripping story explores the history, identity and memories of early Chinese immigrants. “The New York Times” commented that the play is “very artistic, an affectionate and slightly sad retelling of history.”

The San Francisco Chronicle’s review was “The script was wonderful. It’s wonderful.”

Screenwriter Lloyd Suh said that when he was working at the Magic Theater in San Francisco, when he opened the backstage door he could see Angel Island across the way. At that time he felt that he wanted to go somewhere, feel the spirits there and think about how to deal with this shameful history. He felt that he had lost touch with that period of history. “There are things we don’t know or don’t want us to know.”

Director Jennifer Chang said: “Far Country” tells the story of the perseverance and unwavering spirit of the Chinese community. His will to survive and his experience of finding opportunities to succeed in this country amidst the ashes. “Many people don’t know how the Chinese were targeted as a race. Where they could live, who they could marry, and what kind of hairstyles they could wear were all regulated ” At the time, the Chinese were considered to be taking jobs from Americans. “And now someone else is starting to say it.”

“Far Country” will perform in Berkeley through the 14th of this month. After the performance on the 3rd, a discussion with the “Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation” will be held at Michael’s Second Act Bar. Following all matinee performances, live discussions will also be conducted by knowledgeable volunteers.

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