Fatelson’s controversial debate on Amouri Vergara’s gesture with Chivaso

U.S.A.Fatelson's controversial debate on Amouri Vergara's gesture with Chivaso

David Faitelson and Amaury Vergara (Photo: EFE / Instagram @davidfaitelson_espn)

This Sunday afternoon club owner Shivaz, Amouri Vargaspoke to the media upon arrival at Guadalajara airport. pleaded guilty of performance shown by flock Grita Mexico and . with He apologized to fans,

Controversial journalists facing such acts ESPN, David Fatelson, recognized Vergara’s gesture with Rosiblanca fans, as his actions were strongly questioned throughout the tournament. The sportscaster shared his opinion about the event via his official Twitter account.

In short he wrote: “Nice gesture from @Amauryvz. Apologize to Chivas fans for not making it to the league…”. Various fans showed their annoyance as the Guadalajara team was the most erratic in the Gritta México campaign.

(Photo: Twitter/@Faitelson_ESPN)
(Photo: Twitter/@Faitelson_ESPN)

But that comment opened the way for a contentious debate that demanded Vergara’s ouster from the team. In response to Faitelson’s post, Mauricio Pedroza, commentator ESPN, He held the opposite opinion of David.

He claimed the lack of a project in Chivas and explained that Amaury should sell the team for not achieving results:

“Hopefully tweet one day: Nice gesture from @Amauryvz. Introduce the Chivas Team for Sale to Any Goals Not Reached And realize that your group lacks the ability to move forward. But for now, to settle for forgiveness, ”Pedroza published.

(Photo: Twitter/@mauriciopedroza)
(Photo: Twitter/@mauriciopedroza)

Not satisfied with the comment Faitelson replied And he didn’t rule out the idea that Amaury should leave the team’s board of directors, but he did present ideas he tried during the most recent tournaments – such as hiring Viktor Manuel Vucetich – but that were not enough to reach the league.

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“Mauricio, yes it could be, but … in defense of @Amauryvz … what did he do? He brought in the best possible sporting director (Ricardo Pélez), the best possible coach (Victor Vucetich) and invested in Took out the checkbook… and it didn’t work…”, argued Fatelson.

Without further means, Pedroza got in touch with the analyst. ESPN and published: “For the best possible game director who didn’t want vucetic And so, Amaury kept his great great friend MML. But you are right What’s it like to wait for another tournament for Chivas to see if they ‘hit’ it now?

Throughout the tournament, Faitelson was a loyal critic of Chivas for all the changes and poor performance shown in the tournament. Especially against the Vergara administration, he even went as far as to say that “Chivas is Amouri’s toy.”

Criticism and demands of managers of the whole flock He attacked similarly, the technical body headed by Marcelo Michelle Lenos even as managers ricardo pelazzo And the owner Amaury himself.

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