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FCC rejects SpaceX Star chain’s application for broadband subsidies in remote areas

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millionairemuskSpaceX’s application for a subsidy from US officials to provide Starlink broadband network services in remote areas has been approved by the U.S. It was rejected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because SpaceX “failed to demonstrate its ability to perform the services promised.”


Financial website CNBC reported that the FCC’s “Remote Digital Opportunity Fund” (RDOF) is an incentive to encourage broadband network providers to provide services in areas of the United States that do not yet have or have internet service. Difficult to reach. SpaceX also bid for the grant.

The FCC said on the 10th that SpaceX’s Starlink network may not be able to make good use of this limited broadband subsidy. consumer broadband network technology”, the FCC “cannot afford to subsidize ainvestCase after case, there is a risk of failing to deliver the promised Internet speed or failing to meet the program’s requirements. The FCC said SpaceX’s proposal would provide satellite Internet service to about 650,000 locations in 35 US states.

SpaceX received $885.5 million in December 2020 when the FCC bid for $9.2 billion in grants under RDOF rules. In addition to SpaceX, another limited broadband, which had previously received $1.3 billion in subsidies, was also deemed ineligible to bid this time for the same reasons as SpaceX.

CNBC reported that the total cost of RDOF is US$20.4 billion, and in the first phase of bidding in December 2020, SpaceX will continue to participate in multiple rounds of bidding to bid for other grants in the future.



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