Fearing the Brooklyn subway shooting / disabled child in New York, Chinese-American mother asks for help

Ye Zhuoxuan, a victim of the April 12 shooting in the Brooklyn subway, had a bruised left leg and was bleeding profusely. (provided by readers)

Happened on April 12 in Brooklyn (Brooklyn)SubwayShootingTen people were injured in this incident and ten others were injured. Among them, a 16-year-old Chinese high school boy, Zuoxuan Ye, was shot twice in the body and his left thumb bone was shattered by the bullets. Already in trouble, 12th, I once again asked for a helping hand in all walks of life.

On the 12th, a month after the mass shootings in the Brooklyn subway. When it comes to the shooting that left her son innocent, Ye Zhuosuan’s mother Ms Chen described it as “very scary and horrifying”. She said that as of now, she has a sad feeling in the subway.

On the morning of the 12th a month ago, Ye Zhuoxuan took the n-car subway to go to high school as usual. Unfortunately, she was shot in a subway car by suspect Frank James. leg, one shot broke his left thumb bone; When the door of the metro car opened and people ran to save their lives, he could barely get out of the car. At the time, a witness filmed him sitting on stage unable to trust the gun. Photo of his left leg soaked with blood.

Ye Zhuoshuan was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and the doctor immediately performed the first test on his left hand.Proceeding, it is expected that many operations will be performed in the future; Ms. Chen reported that she had gone to the hospital with her son for a review a few days ago, and was told that the second operation could not be performed temporarily because of blood on the pistol’s left wound; It was not only Zhuoshuan’s left thumb bone, it was crushed, and even the adjacent index finger bones were affected. These Zhuoxuan’s medical expenses will be borne by the federal authorities.

Ms. Chen said her son’s mood had improved greatly, and the school provided him with online classes.

On the 7th, James was charged with terrorism that, if convicted, would face life imprisonment. Ms Chen said she wants the gunman to be severely punished by law, and wants subway security in New York to be greatly improved, otherwise she doesn’t know who will be the next victim.

Ms. Chen is a single mother who lives with her son. He lost his job in December last year, and his life is in great trouble. Now her son has been shot innocently, family life has become worse, and she can’t even pay the rent.

Now that the prices are rising, the mother and son have no income, but they feel powerless to pay their daily expenses. Ms. Chen hopes that people from all walks of life can help her to help her overcome this crisis. current difficulties.

Kind people can log on to Ye Zhuosuan’s mother and son fundraising page on the GoFundMe website https://www.gofundme.com/f/emergency-fund-for-subway-shooting-family.

After the Brooklyn subway shooting on April 12, the scene was chaotic, and Ye Zhuoxuan, who had been shot twice in the body, collapsed to the ground.  (Good...
After the Brooklyn subway shooting on April 12, the scene was chaotic, and Ye Zhuoxuan, who had been shot twice in the body, collapsed to the ground. (The Associated Press)

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