Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Female employees in Los Angeles County sued the company over a rat infestation in their store

“Staples Superstore” Working on Rats Causing ProblemLos AngelesA female employee of the county’s Hawthorne branch withdrew her complaint this week. The employee said he was forced to resign earlier this year after a dispute with the management over rats at the workplace.

Lawyers for plaintiff Ashley Carlyle said earlier this week that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Sotello returned the documents to plaintiffs, meaning the case cannot be reopened. The court documents did not state whether the plaintiff and defendant had reached an agreement or the original return was due.

Carlyle’s charges include wrongful dismissal, harassment, retaliation against whistleblowers, disabilitydiscriminationand state violationsLaborLaw, etc. She was hired on October 26 last year as a retail assistant at Hawthorne Staples Superstore and was soon promoted to operations manager, where she primarily handles supply, cashier and truck loading functions. is responsible for. Carlyle’s complaint says he quickly noticed red spots on his ankles after being hired. A customer told him that he had seen a rat running from under the shopping area.

said in the plaintiff’s suit filed on March 7. The next day, the plaintiff saw a mouse moving in two corridors and in a hole in the wall. But when he informed, his manager said that the mouse must have come from outside. And some of Carly’s colleagues told her that the rats in the store had been an unsolved problem for years and that it was getting worse.

When Carly told several managers that there were rat droppings in the warehouse, the managers said a trap had been set, but the plaintiff said she had caught some large rats. She started getting sick and had a headache.

Carly contacted Cal/OSHA anonymously in December, and department officials said they would investigate. But in January, when Carly refused to clean up the rat droppings because it wasn’t her job, the store’s general manager told her she should give up. Carlyle was later demoted to price auditor. When she returned from vacation in January, the company’s general manager told her she had been fired.


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