Feminism faced during the recording of “Amarte Duele” in Santa Fe by Luis Fernando Pea

U.S.A.Feminism faced during the recording of "Amarte Duele" in...

Luis Fernando Pea made his film debut more than two decades ago, but regrets that today an actor’s number of followers is more important than his quality (IG: luisfernandop_mx)

Luis Fernando Pea, Mexican film. was widely recognized for playing the character of “Ulis” in loving you hurts, Thus, with actresses like Martha Higareda and Ximena Sarinana Catapult said film to fame.

However, recently the actor Turns out not everything was pink during filming, Since on many occasions been discriminated against and racialized, when he was trying to do his job in the best possible way.

For this reason, in an interview for the channel “Extended Edition” tenoch huertaIn , Luis Fernando spoke about some of the uncomfortable situations he went through during the recording.

,It happened to Armando and me when we made ‘Amart Hurt’ at a sports store called ‘Marty’ they took us out From the store because we weren’t dressed properly in Santa Fe. They took us out of the store saying, ‘Can you come out please,'” the artist said.

Likewise, he insisted that, during the time he worked in that part of Mexico City, the treatment received by those around him left much to be desired.

,We felt classism and racism very hard at the time we filmed in Santa Fe, that being a guero and I being a brunette”, he said.

(Photo: YouTube/Unicable)
(Photo: YouTube/Unicable)

Fernando Pea admitted that due to the discriminatory practices received by him and Armando Hernández at the time, he resorted to various strategies to harass him.

“I mean We had to get stuck with the ‘crew’ because they looked ugly to us or they threw us, Already when they drove us out of the store, a week later we had to record inside and the police were already saying ‘oh they’re actors,'” the actor said.

In another part of the interview, Fernando highlighted that when he was invited to be a part of loving you hurts He never imagined what its scope would be.

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“When they invited me to make that movie, the net was like: ‘We’re going to make another movie,’ but I never realized how much it could mean to many that I was the hero of that movie, And later he told me: ‘You’re the jackal of Mexico’ and it was when I turned around and realized that for a long time I was like the first black-haired hero in national cinema,” he said.

It should be remembered that Luis Fernando recently in another interview with Fassie Nights told how Had the opportunity to participate in the project “Loving You Hurts”.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

The actor confessed that he arrived at the facilities without waiting to have an opportunity with Armando. “We were on the road promoting the film on the road and in the building altavista movies We met Fernando Sarina’s assistant director Charlie Gomez and all of a sudden he started throwing an unbelievable shit at us, ‘Where are you two? Fernando is looking for them. And Armando and I are like: ‘What are you talking about?’ We went to the office and he said: ‘Here’s the script, I want them to be in my film.’ at that time the name of the movie was Romance in the Plaza.

In the same series of questions and answers, the actor discusses upcoming projects in which he will be participating. “We return to the theater in January” Forum 37 Even more a movie named you will see me fall, based on the play Kidnapping”.

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