Fernando Truba picks short film “Digital Affection and Lockdown Correspondence” as the winner of ‘Great SmartFilms’

U.S.A.Fernando Truba picks short film "Digital Affection and Lockdown...

09/26/2020 Director Fernando Truba during the closing ceremony and awards ceremony at the San Sebastian International Film Festival on September 26, 2020. Culture Raul Terrell

The story of Gabby and Thomas falling in love with Spanish film director Fernando Truba. The brains behind directing the film ‘El Olvido Que Ceremos’ decided that the award-winning short film ‘Gran Smartfilms’ was in its version of the current year, 2021. “Digital Affection and Lockdown Correspondence” directed by Mexican Gabriella Chavez. Gabby from Mexico, and Thomas from London, have been writing emails to try to positively deal with the months of confinement and despair that have come with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In different contexts, the pair of friends share their feelings and become more friendly in quarantine.

“This mini documentary is a true document of the experience of two friends in a pandemic”, Its director explained that, in addition, he highlighted that the production‘s musicalization was in the hands of Ricardo Ortiz. “And our 2021 GranSmartFlims winner” is digital affection and lockdown correspondence. Congratulations to Gabriella Chavez for winning the Top SmartFilms 2021 award. On behalf of Colombia, we send you our biggest congratulations.” This can be read in the publication made by the festival team on their social networks. The category had nominees not only from Mexico, but also from Paraguay and Colombia, explained Yesenia Valencia, director of the festival.

“That Great SmartFilms is because the best shorts from Mexico, Paraguay and Colombia compete. There was only one jury. Fernando Truba chose the winner. Mexico won with beautiful short film”, The actress also elaborated on the evidence gathered by the Canal Caracol newscast.

As read and heard at the beginning of the mini-documentary, this is what happened on March 23, 2020, when Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson ordered citizens to stay in their homes to prevent the widespread spread of covid . -19. On the same day, the summary relates, the Mexican government launched a campaign in the hands of health officials, including maintaining a ‘healthy distance’, with it also declaring that, from that day on, it was essential that people stay at home. . During that time, Gabby and Thomas talk, via email, about the complexity of the quarantine, which for those days seemed eternal.

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With musical and literary recommendations, the two friends expressed their affection and encouraged each other to maintain discretion. While Thomas works on his own audiovisual production, Gabby feels deeply drawn to the feminist performances that in those days filled the streets of the Mexican capital with gender violence and messages against women.

“I’m sitting in a chair in my room realizing that being alone doesn’t affect me, so I can hear myself and I’m not overwhelmed by the thoughts of others” It reads in one of the emails written by Thomas. “Right now I am in my dining room, next to open windows and big trees. Coffee from my side, of course. I love imagining you writing at home. Fortunately, I continue to work for the Monterey production company, but I am frustrated with the quarantine, as I am impatient to finally work on a bigger project. She tells him in one of the first conversations revealed by the documentary staff.

“Wow, thanks a lot, actually, I didn’t expect that”, Gabriella remarks upon hearing Truba mention the name of her creation. The moment of the award was recorded in the Instagram stories of the celebration. In conversation with the director, Gabriella commented that, for the time being, she is interested in making more documentary short films. “I’m very interested in experimenting with cinematographic language, seeing what happens when a documentary tries to be fictional”, Winner commented.

Fernando Truba short film
Fernando Truba picks short film “Digital Affection and Lockdown Correspondence” as the winner of ‘Great SmartFilms’

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