FGR destroys more than 28 tons of chemical precursors in Jalisco

U.S.A.FGR destroys more than 28 tons of chemical precursors...


This Saturday, November 20, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported through its delegation in Jalisco that it destroyed Over 28 tons, between kg and litres, of chemical precursors, belonging to 25 research folders.

The operations were announced via a statement, in which they mentioned the exact amount of narcotics dismantled at the company specializing in chemicals.

are among the incapacitated narcotics 9,990 milliliters of methyl hexane, two tons 284 kg 908 grams of lead acetate, 1,544 liters 324 milliliters of hydrochloric acid and one ton 495 kilo 147 grams 500 milligrams of tartaric acid.

what’s more, Three tons 528 kg 18 g 500 mg sodium hydroxide, 513 liters 205 ml ethyl alcohol, 124 kg 999 g 500 mg sodium carbonate, between liters of different weights and different substances that arrived together over 28 tons.


The agency highlighted that the insured precursors were the result of the coordinated work of FGR in Jalisco, with three levels of government, And through which assurance of chemical precursors was obtained from various secret laboratories for the production of synthetic drugs.

Multiple seizures on 6 October chemical precursor found in various secret laboratories Was destroyed by personnel of the Attorney General’s Office (fgr), through the Special Prosecutor for Territorial Control (FECOR), in his delegation to Jalisco.

overall they were 34 tons 963 kg 649 grams, Related to 12 files, The amount of substances destroyed by a company specializing in chemicals.

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Inactivated products included 1-phenyl-2-propanone, lead acetate, sodium acetate, acetone, benzoic acid, hydrochloric acid, phenylacetic acid, sulfuric acid, tartaric acid, acetic anhydride, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, cyanide. Benzyl chloride and calcium chloride.


In addition, mercury chloride, potassium chloride, ethanol, ethyl ether, sodium hydroxide, methylamine, potassium permanganate, cyanide salt, ammonium sulfate, sodium tartrate, toluene, zinc, methamphetamine hydrochloride and fentanyl, among others.

Last Thursday, November 18, at the bilateral summit between the presidents of Mexico, the United States and Canada, the leaders agreed to take a collective and coordinated approach to the issue. synthetic drugs, so he undertook to address the issue Dialogue on Drugs in North America in 2022, which will be in Mexico.

Just last week news came that The drug epidemic in the United States is the deadliest in that country’s history,

Over 100,000 people died of overdose According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the 12-month period ended last April.

64% of all deaths were caused by synthetic opioids, primarily fentanyl. international crime organizations Sinaloa Cartel And this Jalisco New Generation Cartel According to data from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), (CJNGs) are the main providers.

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