FIFA announces decisive change in playoffs for Qatar 2022 World Cup

U.S.A.FIFA announces decisive change in playoffs for Qatar 2022...

FIFA confirmed that the playoffs for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be a singles match and on a neutral court (Photo: Reuters)

For calendar reasons, Qatar 2022 would be an unusual version of FIFA World Cup, This will be the first time that this prestigious competition will be played at the end of the calendar year. This has also forced the governing body of world football to make a historic amendment to the controversy. playoffs international, popularly called “Repechage” hey “Repechage”,

as reported by fifa on their website, for the latest quota world Cup they will decide single party Feather neutral headquarters next month of June, But apart from eliminating the round-trip format, in which each team played one home match, a Draw to Define Conflict,

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next Friday 26 November In Zurich, Switzerland, it is going to be decided how the conflict between the federations will go. Usually, choose Conmebol was linked with Oceania, but now your rival can be Asia hey Central America,

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