Fighting maniac to become an MMA fighter

SportsFighting maniac to become an MMA fighter

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Actress Halle berry really love to die for mixed martial arts UFC shown by watching the fight, supervising the weighing, directing and acting MMA fighter . Because of her love, Halle Berry forgot her Hollywood actress colleagues to watch the UFC fight.

Halle Berry, 55-year-old Oscar-winning actress, is a huge fan of the sport, best friend of UFC boss Dana White, and grew up watching boxing as a child. But it’s MMA that really caught her eye, admitting if she wasn’t an actress it could be a career path worthy of her to follow. Here are 4 facts about Halle Berry’s love for MMA:

Love UFC Fights on the Edge of the Octagon

Halle recently kept an eye on the tension between Rose Namajunas and Zheng Weili ahead of UFC 268, where she was later spotted in the Octagon holding the championship belt. It all led to his passion project – directing the new Netflix film Bruised – starring him as an MMA fighter.

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Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio to English mother Judith Ann from Liverpool. As a child, he was engrossed in British boxing which fueled his desire to see the good side. “When I was a kid, like a little girl, like six, seven, eight, nine years old, British boxing was everything to me,” Halle Berry said in an interview with the UFC.

“I spent a lot of time in front of the television. I was a kid who got into a lot of fights, so watching boxing and channeling energy professionally somehow healed my own pain because I had to watch it. Others brought it out in a way that seemed noble and admirable. ”

“I don’t have a father at home, so watching great fighters like (Thomas) Hearns and (Muhammad) Ali and Joe Frazier. Those people, to me, are powerful images of strong black men that I long for in myself, my home, and that’s how I see them.”

Choose MMA over Boxing

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