Finalists of IT business contest “Ruby biz Grand prix 2021” utilizing programming language Ruby decided

TechnologyFinalists of IT business contest "Ruby biz Grand prix...

On November 24th, the Ruby biz Grand Prix executive committee decided and announced nine finalist companies and service cases of the IT business contest “Ruby biz Grand prix 2021” utilizing the programming language Ruby.

These are selected from services for companies that applied from June to September 2021. The target of application is in-house products and services that use Ruby, so it is a business example that is rich in novelty, originality, marketability, and future potential, and can be expected to continue to develop. From these nine companies or service cases, 2 grand prizes (1 million yen supplementary prize), 3 special prizes (300,000 yen supplementary prize), and 4 other prizes will be selected. The award ceremony will be distributed online from 13:00 on December 15, 2021. The chairman of the judging committee is Yukihiro Matsumoto, the developer of Ruby and the chairman of the Ruby Association.

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The finalist companies and service examples are as follows.

  • Autify
    A system that automates the verification of mobile apps provided by Autify
  • Mitsuri
    Metalworking platform provided by Catallaxy
  • Yanmaga Web
    Kodansha “Weekly Young Magazine” website
  • Todoku supporter
    An app for delivery staff that streamlines the Last One Mile provided by 207
  • note
    Media platform for creators provided by note
    VR market where you can buy and sell 3D items and real products provided by HIKKY
    BONX’s service that brings the best teamwork to the field
    An application that allows you to know the site and mountain climbing route with GPS even in the mountains where the radio waves provided by Yamap do not reach
    Innovation management platform for new business development provided by Relic


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